A good night’s sleep is crucial to maintain our imbalanced lifestyle. It acts as blessing in disguise for the overall development of the body. It helps you to achieve morning energy, reduce an excessive stress level, control your over weight and refresh your mind for all day long. But in case if you are sleeping 6-7 hours per day and still feeling exhausted then you need to replace your old mattress with the new one.

Nowadays, markets are fluffed with chemical proved mattresses that can pollute your bedroom air and harm your body to a great extent. So it becomes hard for the people to choose the perfect one. In this write-up, you will explore how can you use Memory Foam Mattress for a Healthy Lifestyle?

Now the question arises why Memory Foam Mattress is getting increasingly popular among every age group? Not only one or two but most of its users are claiming that this mattress has absorbed all the pains of their lives. To know more about it, stay connected with this post till the end.

Table of Contents

What are the properties of a Comfortable Mattress?
The science behind a Memory Foam Mattress and Pleasant Sleep!
What is Memory Foam made of?
Types of Memory Foam
Advantages of using Memory Foam Mattress
When you need to replace your Memory Foam Mattresses?
Tips to increase the life of your Memory Foam Mattresses
From where I can get the best quality Memory Foam mattresses!

What are the properties of a Comfortable Mattress?

properties of Comfortable Mattress

Researchers say sleeping on a medium firm mattress especially one with adjustable firmness promotes comfort, proper spinal alignment, and quality sleep. If you are constantly struggling with body aches and migraines, you instantly need to pick soft, luxurious cozy mattress for yourself.

People who sleep on memory foam mattresses of medium firmness experienced a little relaxation in back pains, breathability issues, and dust allergies. A good mattress must support the healthy curvature of your spine, contour to the shape of your body and most important fit in your budget as well.

The science behind a Memory Foam Mattress and Pleasant Sleep!

With the growing technology and advancement, a newer and convenient model of mattresses: the Memory Foam came forward to eliminate all the nuisances of your life. It is often made with viscoelastic material and a more supportive polyurethane foam base. This sort of mattress is good for side sleepers because it conforms to the body of its users and offers a significant amount of support. It also doesn’t sag in the middle like other outdated mattresses.

National Sleep Foundation remarks that Memory Foam Mattresses may help those who are willing to alleviate the severe pains. These mattresses are capable of retaining its original shape for its entire lifespan. This is why; most of us want to rest freely on them by forgetting all the mess of life.

What is Memory Foam made of?

What is Memory Foam made of

Synthetic material memory foam comprises the following ingredients:

  • Polyols: These are some organic compounds found in almost everything, from sugar to plastic.
  • Diisocyanates: It is known as the parent category of memory foam and these chemicals works to turn polymers into polyurethane foam.
  • Blowing agents: It is basically used to create the chemical reaction to form polyurethane. Most of the companies often rely on water for this purpose.

If you are worried about the toxicity of memory foam products, it is advised you to purchase only certified and authentic memory foam products to overcome your fear.

Let’s have a glance at the types of Memory Foam

There are some varieties of memory foam listed below:

  • Traditional Memory Foam: It is a solid block of memory form that widely used in pillows and mattresses. However, it may be create a problem in high temperatures as it retains body heat and passes it back to the user. So it is highly recommended you to check out other types of memory foam if you live at warm place without any air conditioner.
  • Open Cell Memory Foam: Undoubtedly, this memory foam has an entirely different structure to promote airflow and keep the pillow or mattress cool. As the air enters inside the memory foam, the hot air escapes from the memory foam pillow or mattresses easily. Once the hot air escapes, the product stays cool.
  • Gel Memory Foam: Gel infused memory foam provide relief to the people who suffer from night sweats or who live in hotter climates. The gel is cooled in two ways such as:

I. Heat absorber- This gel simply absorbs the heat to keep the pillow or mattress cool for a long.
II. Phase-Changing Material- Phase changing also acts to absorb heat but it passes some of it back to effectively regulate temperature.

  • Shredded Memory Foam: Usually, the Shredded Memory foam comes with or without the cooling gel. This foam contains a unique quality to adjust its height and firmness. So instead of testing out multiple products, you can stick with single one and save money.

Know the advantages of using Memory Foam Mattress

advantages of using Memory Foam Mattress

Imagine your life free from joint aches, pressure points and back pains. If this sounds good for you then try out Memory Foam Mattress right away. A majority of people have reported experiencing better sleep after using Memory Foam Mattresses. Its tenderness and molding ability take you to the great comfort level.

  • Ideal for all Sleeping Positions: This memory foam can smoothly accommodate a variety of sleeping positions as the material adjusts and evenly distributes body weight. Its visco-elastic material uses the body heat and pressure to become viscous which makes it mold according to the shape of your body. Stomach Sleepers will get perfect spine alignment whereas back and side sleepers enjoy the same level of posture support.
  • Relive back and neck sprains: If you suffer from chronic pain then this memory foam will let you sleep in a position that will both comfortable and supportive for you.
  • Absorb Motions & Vibrations: This is another key benefit of using these mattresses. The ability to absorb energy and minimize the effects of movement make memory foam an excellent choice for couples. Now your sleep won’t be disturbed because when your partner switches sides, you don’t feel anything.
  • Hypoallergenic: You should go with hypoallergenic fill mattress if you are constantly suffering from severe allergies and restless sleep. In contrast to traditional mattresses that holds dust mites and mold to build up inside, this memory foam prevents such a buildup because of its dense nature.
  • Durability & Customized Support: The latest model of mattresses have better airflow quality, sleep cooler at night and offer a customized level of support. When your mattresses flatten, it becomes uncomfortable and fails to provide both good alignment and good support.

In this case, Memory Foam is the best option you have as it quickly bounces back to its original shape when you get off of it. Even if you use it properly, it can easily last for more than 5 years. However, you may have to replace cover of your mattresses meanwhile this period.

  • Sag free and high density: The latest memory foam beds are made from high grade adaptive materials that offer just the correct blend of “not too soft and not too firm”. You can choose high density mattresses according to your comfort as it is totally free from sagging owing to its open cell design.

When you need to replace your Memory Foam Mattresses?

need to replace Memory Foam Mattresses

This is the most asking question of today and several users are unable to discover the correct answer of it. So let’s move your eyes here to get more info about it.
There is no doubt to say that Memory Foam is so durable because it doesn’t lose its original shape and never flatten out after using. Hence it’s obvious that if you carefully use good memory foam mattresses, it can last for eight to ten years.

Need to check out these points:

  • Sleep Problems: If you have to spend your nights with uncomfortable and warm mattresses then it is required to replace it as soon as possible.
  • Bounce of the foam: After getting up off the mattresses, if it affects your body for a long time, don’t delay to go with the new one.
  • Allergies: It is found that mattresses lose its hypoallergenic properties if it is so old just because of entering unwanted dust molecules in its cuts and holes.

Some major tips to increase the life of your Memory Foam Mattresses

If you want to avoid unnecessary expenses of buying pricey mattresses every year, you need to perform these tasks:

  • Make sure that you have vacuumed the surface prior to change the sheets.
  • It is required to rotate the mattress in every six months.
  • Whenever you find sometime, dry your mattresses in sunlight.
  • Never use hard chemicals to clean its covers.
  • Last but not least, consult your manufacturer for cleaning instructions.

Although durable mattresses can deteriorate because of ill use so maximize the life of your products follow the steps provided above.

From where I can get the best quality Memory Foam mattresses!

You can easily get highly durable memory foam mattresses from any offline store but we will suggest you to go towards renowned e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart. Here, you can get varieties of good mattresses including Sleepsia memory foam Mattresses at the most reasonable prices.

Surprisingly, Sleepsia was installed in 2018 to address the improper sleep cycle and shoulder or neck pain issues among modern-age generations. It offers premium-quality Memory foam mattresses & pillows under your budget. Memory Foam mattresses are ergonomically designed to target pressure points, relieves pressure, and enhances comfort. Moreover, these mattresses are made of a durable material that is hypoallergenic and sculpted easily to the shape of your body.