The memory foam is made up of visco-elastic technology (Tempurpedic foam) that makes it a body-friendly foam. The memory foam, very efficiently, aligns your body posture while sleeping.

The main difference in the Memory Foam and Regular Foam lies in the structure and the material used for manufacturing of the Foam.

The Regular foam is tightened with millions and billions of closed cells held together which ultimately leaves no space for air. In the Regular foam, the heat gets trapped as a few or no space is left for the air to escape.

The Memory Foam, however, is enclosed with billions of open cells that are not tightly packed. It ultimately leaves space for the tiny air packets to travel in it and the warm air doesn’t get trapped in it. This feature makes Memory Foam cooler than the Regular foam.

Does Memory Foam (Open cell) foam relieve pressure?

As the memory foam contains visco-elastic technology that helps it retain the shape once it acquires during sleep. It relieves pressure from the body and supports the weight.

When the standard foam is used, the foam compresses and tries to bounce back (push back) to attain original shape. This is due to the enclosed cell structure that doesn’t let air pass through it when pressure comes on it. It is actually not about the foam trying to attain the original position. The spring in it pushes in the opposite direction of the pressure.

It doesn’t happen in Visco-elastic Foam. When the load is applied to it, the unsealed cells in the foam collapse thus compress completely and the air pressure within the adjoining cells ejects temporarily. The Memory Foam actually exerts pressure in the direction of the pressure.

Due to the deforming feature of Visco-elastic foam (Memory Foam), it tends to attain the shape of the body when pressure is applied and leaves with no strength to exert pressure in the opposite direction. The conforming ability to attain a body’s shape makes it very favorable to the body.

The General Comparison

When you use Regular Foam Pillow, the compressed air cells exert pressure in two directions: along the flow of direction and against the direction. This increases pressure points in both the directions and ultimately causes pain and discomfort to the body.

If you use a Visco-elastic pillow, the foam doesn’t leave any space when pressure is applied on the pillow. The cell pushes back in the direction of pressure thus causes great comfort and support.