How many hours of sleep did you get the night before? Do you believe you have a good night's sleep on your pillow? No? The first thing to do to keep your mind stable is to obtain a good sleep, and you get a good sleep when you sleep on a comfy pillow. The Sleepsia Microfiber bed pillow allows you to sleep comfortably without interruptions or anything else. Microfiber pillows come with a unique design and are very light weighted pillows.

A Sleepsia microfiber pillow provides neck and upper back support. One of the most significant functions of a sleeping pillow is to provide support as you sleep. Since the human spine is naturally bent, we require this support when sleeping. Supporting the idea for your neck and head helps to keep these parts of the spine in good alignment. You can easily wash the pillow covers and keep your pillow away from dust and bacteria. It also keeps the skin and gives you a cool feeling while you sleep on a microfiber pillow.

Advantages of Microfiber pillow

The advantages of Microfiber pillow are:

  1. Microfiber pillows are ideal for those who sleep on their backs, sides, or stomachs.
  2. There are Fiber fill-in microfiber pillows and the porous pillowcase enables hot air to escape out, keeping the pillow cool.
  3. Microfiber pillows come with luxury fabric pillow cases which are silky soft, which also helps to minimize skin damages and keep your skin clean.
  4. Microfiber pillows come with machine washable covers, it helps to keep your pillow covers clean and tidy.
  5. The pillows also enhance the design of the pillow and support your neck, back and body.
  6. Sleepsia pillows are made with the microfibers, the microfiber pillow supports your neck so that you wake up without any neck pain and with confidence.

A Sleepsia pillow gives outrageously comfort, both the down-like fiber and the pillowcases enhance the inner ventilation so that the hot air escapes out and the pillow stays cool all night! With a Sleepsia pillow  you get a breathable and moisture wicking pillowcase. The luxury fabric is breathable and wicks moisture so that the surface of your pillows stay cool and dry, slowing the growth of microbes.

microfiber pillows better than other pillows

How are microfiber pillows better than other pillows?

When comparing Microfiber pillows to other brands, the most common issue is that when you sleep on a pillow, the size of the pillow varies with time, but with our microfiber pillow, this is not an issue. Since the size of the pillow does not vary, it remains the same. You can sleep comfortably on our pillow as they come with a unique design and style.

Microfiber pillows with bedding

Microfiber, in general, is a long-lasting synthetic fabric that may provide both a polished appearance and a high level of comfort. It is extremely durable and can last for many years.Microfiber pillows are made out of thin strands of synthetic material like polyester or nylon. These may be a more economical choice and are simple to maintain at home,and you need not to replace them every few years. Microfiber has been in use for quite some time. Microfiber pillows have just lately gained popularity due to their low cost and ease of cleaning.

What is microfiber filling?

Microfiber fillings are synthetic fibers. As polypropylene is so tiny and thin, they may be used to simulate the lightweight, soft feel of down. That's why we use polypropylene material to make the pillow light weighted. Since polypropylene and olefin are so tiny and thin, they may be used to simulate the lightweight, soft feel of down.

What is the difference between polyester and microfiber?

The difference between polyester and microfiber is that Polyester is a type of polymer, and microfiber is a synthetic fiber with a diameter of less than ten micrometers. Microfiber is a part of polyester. The most common types of microfibers are made from polyesters, polyamides. Microfiber is mostly used to make mats, knits, and weaves for apparel, upholstery, industrial filters, and cleaning products.

Sleepsia microfiber pillow

Why choose a Sleepsia microfiber pillow?

If you want a better sleep experience you can count on Sleepsia microfiber pillow as it helps in:

  1. Give Support To Your Neck: The pillow is designed to give the best possible support for your neck as you sleep. Not only that, but this microfiber pillow will make an excellent snuggle buddy for you.
  2. Keep Germs Away: It is made of hypoallergenic materials and keeps germs, bacteria, and viruses away from your bed space, ensuring a clean atmosphere around you while you sleep. The beautiful outer cover, composed of micro blue finish fabric, provides additional comfort and enhances your sleeping experience.
  3. Light Weighted: The soft pillow is very light in weight and can be taken anywhere. One of the finest features of the microfiber pillow is its ease of cleaning, which extends the product's lifespan. After several washing, the microfiber remains silky and lofty.

Microfiber Pillows are best suited for:

  • Extra soft feel
  • Side sleepers and cuddling
  • Getting a premium experience.

Microfiber Pillow Features

Microfiber special features:

  • Shape Retains: The pillow's microfibre stuffing offers exceptional shape and bounce maintenance after repeated use.
  • Fabric Construction is Tight: The outer fabric is carefully knitted to strengthen the pillow's longevity and give long-lasting comfort. The tight weave increases the fabric's resilience and resistance to wear and tear.
  • There is no pilling: The top quality cotton underside does not pill over time and maintains the pillow's new appearance for a long period. Even after repeated usage, the pillow will retain its soft texture.
  • The Blue Finish Outer Fabric

The beautiful blue finish of the outer cloth offers your bedroom a crisp and clean look with the basic design.

The sleek and stunning Gusset design enhanced with a radiant satin fabric spices up the simple and minimalist look of the microfiber pillow to embellish your room. You can always count on a Sleepsia microfiber pillow for great comfort and design. Replace your old pillow with a Sleepisa pillow today. And get the best experience of sleep today.