Sleeping is not only for relaxation but also necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. Finding the correct sleeping position can be a task that involves a well-researched analysis and not only about comfort. Moreover, the condition and the shape of a body keep changing as we become older. Relaxation is very essential after a hectic day for everyone.

Even minor ailments like cold and cough can also be a result of lack of proper rest. Our sleep pattern consists of different cycles. REM sleep is the most important as it increases our brain power and helps to retain important information.

Deep sleeping is when you start dreaming and that is the most important cycle in the whole sleeping process. Body ache and migraine are common if the body-mind is not getting proper rest.

For complete sleep, sleeping position is equally significant. Sleep deprivation can lead to serious issues like skin problems, early aging, unable to retain information, lack of interest in intimacy, irritability, lack of ability to concentrate, irritability, etc.

Let’s explore more about the sleeping positions to get a good night’s sleep as some are better than the other for your good health.

Types of Sleeping Positions

  • Back Sleeping: It is one of the best positions. It helps to get rid of any kind of body pain. It gives a comfortable pose to your spine as it is the natural position of the spine. Whole body feels relaxed in this position. We all should try to sleep on our back more often.
  • Side Sleeping: It is great with a partner or few people sleep on their side as a habit. According to most researches, sleeping on your left side is better than on the right side. It improves digestion.
  • Issue related to acidity and heartburn reduces and blood flows more easily. However, if it is leading to arm numbness or shoulder-hip-back pain then it is definitely not the right position to sleep for you! In fact, it might put more strain and increase the pain.
  • Fetal Position: It means you are curled up like a small baby. However, this position might put a lot of strain on your lower back as it is not the usual way of sleeping for relaxing your body.
  • Furthermore, it will put unnecessary pressure on your stomach and might lead to a paining body in the morning. Everyone should avoid sleeping in this position as much as possible.
  • Sleeping on your Stomach: Do you have a problem of snoring? Then stomach sleeping is the best position for you. Not only it reduces snoring but also helps in getting rid of sleep apnea slowly.

Moreover, many people find hugging the pillow and sleeping on their stomach more comfy than other positions. The memory foam soft pillow against the face is definitely a nice feeling!

However, having the head turned to one side all throughout the night can lead to neck pain and it is an unnatural position for the spine as well. It can lead to major lower back pain troubles.

The Best Sleeping Position

Overall, if we observe, best sleeping position is on your back. Keep the upper body a bit elevated with a pillow without gel underneath. You can even get rid of cough and acidity with this position. If you have eaten too much and want the body to properly digest your food, sleeping on your left side is advisable.

Moreover, for pregnant women, sleeping on your side is better. Hugging another pillow to your chest will additionally give a very relaxed feel to the body. Pillow choice is extremely vital.

Invest in a good quality pillow to get a good night’s sleep in the most comfortable and healthy position! Keep glowing and stay happy!