Woke up disoriented? That means your pillow is not performing its duty in the right way. The right pillow helps you in attaining the right shape and a fresh mind so that you can feel the rejuvenated every morning.

How can you choose the right pillow?

“Every solution comes from the problem that arises.”

You need to consider certain factors to select pillow of your choice:

  1. The Sleeping Style: Sleep on Back, Side Sleep or Tummy Sleeper
  2. Manufacturing Product and Quality of the Pillow: If it is made from the Low-grade chemical compound or from good quality polyester or synthetic material. Whether it resists microbes, mites with hypo-allergic characteristics or not.
  3. Special Sleep Conditions: If you have ever gone through Back Ache or other orthopedic challenges or for a woman who is in a family way.
  4. Budget: Don’t worry! The budget has not now been a problem anymore. It is not necessary that pillow with high cost provides you good comfort.

Do you consider all the above-mentioned points! Sleepsia does it for you. At Sleepsia, all the pillows are fabricated to match all the comfort and budgetary requirements. You can pick from Bamboo Pillow, Contour Pillow, Cool Gel Pillow or Ventilated Pillow after analyzing your sleep requirements.

To Purchase Sleepsia Pillow:

All the steps will be showcased as per the first-time visitors. Any user who visits our website with the intent of purchasing a pillow has to go through the following steps. There is no shortcut to this or no by-pass process available to make a purchase.

  • Visit Sleepsia official website.
  • Click on the sign-up button and enter right credentials
  • Once the sign-up process completes, it will take you to the signed-in account
  • Now, select Sleepsia Pillow that you want to purchase. Don’t forget to select the right quantity for the item to be purchased
  • Click on the Check-out button (Make sure you have entered your shipping address and other important credentials).
Point to be noted: Make sure that you enter the right credentials so that it doesn’t create any problem further.
  • Make payment via any of the mode: Internet banking, Credit card, Debit card. You can also add money to your Sleepsia wallet linked with your account. Let’s not forget we have also made available Cash on Delivery (COD) for our customers.
  • Enter OTP and validate your purchase (for the online transaction)
  • Your product will be delivered to you. You will be notified time to time about the status of product delivery via E-mail or SMS.
To Make your purchase via www.amazon.in:
  1. Use browser to search sleepsia pillow and see Amazon Ad or you can visit www.amazon.in directly and search Sleepsia memory foam pillow.
  2. Check-out from the available Sleepsia pillows and add to your cart. Now, follow all the on-screen instructions to make Payment Online or select Cash on Delivery (COD).
  3. Confirm your payment and place the order.
To know more about the payment process, you can connect with us via our Toll-Free Number 1800-833-6688 or connect with us via Email info@sleepsia.com