If you are working long hours, sitting on an office chair that doesn’t give proper support for the back, it is obvious you will have an achy back & restless legs. Turn to lumbar pillows and get the best solution for persistent discomfort. Adding a lumbar pillow to your chair, helps your back to receive complete support it needs to maintain correct posture. The pillow conforms to the natural curvature of back to provide total support you required, maintain proper blood circulation, and also prevent muscle exhaustion.

After years of studies, investigative, and testing, Sleepsia is here with unique Lumbar pillows that provide supreme Lumbar support and help users to get rid of back pain. Sleepsia lumbar pillows can make users more comfortable as it gently enforces good posture of the back and maintain correct spinal alignment, this helps users relieve discomfort from sitting too long.

More of Lumbar Pillow health benefits:

  • It offers therapeutic aid from back pain. The special convex design enables the back to rest with an absolute fit.
  • Provides relive from several ailments, be it from injury, ache or age. Sleepsia Lumbar pillows help users attain & maintain an upright posture of the back. Now, sitting for long hours won’t generate any problem or health issues.
  • These Lumbar pillows are soft yet supportive, as it keeps the body free from pressure. The Side wings design adds additional support & comfort.
  • The pillows are made with supreme quality memory foam filling. The memory foam is most easy to care and durable as well. It can retain its shape for a long time.
  • You can enjoy the comfort of lumbar pillow at your home, office or even in your vehicle. The pillow is attached with adjustable straps to easily secure it to the seat. Just attached the pillow to your seat and it should stay put to the chair.

Now, you are all set to enjoy ultimate seat comfort and back relief!

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