For those who spend hours in the office or while driving, know the importance of the right support for their back. Most chairs used in the office or the driving car seat hardly provide any proper support to the back and spine making you slouch on the seat causing severe back problems in the long run.

Lumbar support pillows are meant to provide relief from an aching back and the bad effects of muscle rigidity, stiffness, and achy back. The lumbar support pillow provides you with the right support for your back muscles to ensure proper posture during driving and prevent fatigue of the leg muscles by aiding proper blood circulation.

The Wedge-Shaped Ergonomic Design

These pillows are scientifically designed and the use of memory foam ensures that it forms a gentle contouring around the back for an ultimate seating posture. The pillow also forms a natural arch around the back so that your back can rest at the right place and gets the right support and comfort for the lumbar area.

It helps in maintaining the right posture for a longer period of time by aligning the hip, lumbar area, and spine and reduces chances of backaches and injuries.

Ease Of Use

Lumbar support car seat pillows are designed or curved in a way that retains a natural arch to keep your back erect and lets you sit comfortably and balance perfectly during driving.

Quality Memory Foam

The high density, high resilience foam maintains the right balance between the amount of firmness and the soft cushy feel. It also lets the cushion stay in shape despite many years of usage. The open cell structure of the memory foam lets the air pass effectively to give it a high amount of freshness it needs from long hours of usage and the viscosity and density of the memory foam doesn't let it mangle and loose shape under the weight of the user.

Sleepsia Lumbar Support For Car Seat

The aim of Sleepsia lumbar support car seat pillow is to take the exhaustion away from driving to give it a more enjoyable and a therapeutically relieving experience.

If you have been facing discomfort and pain from long driving hours, then Sleepsia lumbar support pillow can make all the difference from day one. The pillow is scientifically designed to keep your lumbar and spine erect and you will also notice a marked difference in your body posture. Our lumbar support car seat pillow is made to provide you with a high degree of comfort and to significantly reduce the fatigue so that you can concentrate better on the road. They are going to make an ideal pair as the side passenger can also avail the same comfort during a long trip.

Don’t go for expensive customized car seats. Try out the more practical solution, try Sleepsia car seat lumbar support pillow!

Sleepsia lumbar support pillow for car comes with adjustable straps and features an orthopedic design so you can say goodbye to lower back and spine discomfort while driving. It will also help in gently strengthening the back muscles and help alleviate acute back and muscle pain, stenosis, and herniated disc.

The pillow also has a removable cover which is made from moisture wicking non-wrinkle polyester fabric so it stays looking like new even after a long period.