People usually spend half of their life on the bed while sleeping, thus, sleeping component is an integral part of determining the sleep quality. Half Moon Memory Foam Pillow is also known as multi-use pillow due to its excellent support as a neck support pillow, lumbar pillow, knee pillow, and wedge pillow. This pillow is the therapeutic solution and is beneficial for reducing the pressure and relieving the neck pain, back pain, and improving the sleep quality.

The pillow is an excellent cervical support that relieves the neck pain. It is also ideal for placing the feet up and comforting to help alleviate tired feet and leg muscle cramps. You can use the half moon memory foam pillows in any part of the body to contour the shape and provide ample support. This pillow is lightweight and slim that makes it ideal for travel, room decor, or while sleeping. Moreover, the zipper cover of this pillow is easily removable or washable to ensure complete hygiene.

Special Features of Half Moon Memory Foam Pillow:

  1. Pain relief solution: Irrespective of the body parts, half-moon memory foam pillow curdles to the shape of the body while offering optimum comfort and support while sleeping or relaxing on the sofa. This pillow is perfect and comfortable for the sleeping position like side sleeper, back sleeping and especially for the pregnant women. It is also supporting and effective to use after surgery.
  2. Ideal for all position: Half moon pillow functions as a knee roll pillow, spacer or leg raise pillow, lumbar pillow or neck pillow. While positioning the pillow one must always ensure to properly align the spine or hip. It supports proper relaxation and improving the sleep quality or rejuvenates the body. This half moon memory foam body pillow offers cushion and lumbar support for sitting and sleeping while alleviating the sciatic nerve and lower back pains, and Sciatica Relief.
  3. Multi-position body support: You can use this Half Moon pillow to build up as the knee support pillow, lumbar support, and spacer between legs while sitting on sofa, chair, couch, leg bolster for lifting your legs while sleeping. Despite your side, back, or stomach position or placing under your ankles for better air circulation while accelerating post-surgery recovery and minimizing varicose veins.
  4. Easy to clean: Sleepsia half-moon pillow is totally hypoallergenic and dust-mint resistant which is crammed with high-density memory foam. Cleaning this multi-purpose support pillow is easy and safe. The zipper polyester knit cover is easily removable and machine washable. Therefore, you can wash your removable cover according to your convenience and requirements.
Additional Support from Sleepsia!

Half moon memory foam pillow has been helpful in relieving the pain and improving the sleep quality for many. Sleepsia is a reliable brand delivering a wide collection of pillows for Lumbar support, neck support, shoulder support, knee support etc. Moreover, the delivery process is convenient as per the requirement and with a proper description of each product is given. To purchase the Sleepsia pillow, simply visit the Sleepsia official website, identify the requirement and place an order. Call at 1800-833-6688 to clear all your doubts.