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U Shaped COCCYX Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow

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U Shaped COCCYX Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow

Most people suffer from severe pain in tailbone while sitting, travelling, or exercising, and especially pregnant women. When someone sits down or stands up, the “sitting bones”, which comprises of the coccyx, rotate out and in as required to support and balance the body. Sitting for long periods on a stiff chair can results in irritation, causing bruised tailbone to sciatica flares.

The severe pain caused by sitting on a chair for long can affect everything from inability to walk or sit, twisting over, and other movements. Wondering about the reason for tailbone pain or not able to sit for long hours in the office or while travelling, it highly recommended to use Orthopedic Coccyx.

Coccyx pillow comes in different shapes and sizes depending upon the pain. This tailbone pillow is a combination of high-density memory foam pillow and pressure relief points to offer utmost support. This U-shaped coccyx pillow is best for the wheelchair and pregnant women.

The simplest way to improve the spine alignment and alleviate the pain is by using a supportive cushion to support the tailbone.

How U-shaped coccyx pillow helps to relieve tailbone pain?

  • Excellent Memory Foam: High-density memory foam allows to offer ample support to tail bone and spine condition from hard seats to comfy cushions. Relieve from health issue like sciatica, piriformis syndrome, a fractured tailbone, pregnancy, hemorrhoids, or feeling tiresome after sitting in chairs for long.
  • Orthopedic U-shaped Pillow: The Ergonomic design provides optimum support and comfort while minimizing the pressure on the tailbone/coccyx. The U-shaped pillow helps in proper positioning for the pregnancy back pain, hemorrhoids, hip pain, numbness, and coccyx/ tailbone issues.
  • Promotes healthy posture: It helps in proper spine alignment by reducing the back pain and increasing blood circulation to the Legs. Experience the extreme comfort whether in an office chair, yoga, wheelchair, travel etc.
  • Perfect for any place you sit: Coccyx pillow is ideal for office chair, living room, kitchen, patio, dining room, and wheelchair. Also, perfect for sports events, travelling in a truck, airplane, car, bench, floor, etc.
  • Pain relief solution: Experience the relief from back pain while sitting. The flat, padded, hard cushion seats put pressure on the tailbone causing poor posture, pain, decreased blood circulation, improper spine alignment, orthopedic problems & pinched nerves.
  • Advanced performance: Removable fabrics cover and ultra-plush makes it easier for the user to remove the cover and wash whenever needed.
  • Highly recommended for tailbone pain: Our orthopedic doctors highly recommend patients a coccyx pillow for alleviating pain from sitting for a long time in long flights, road trips, etc on the office desk. Coccyx pillow is helpful for uncomfortable chairs, sciatica relief/sciatic nerve damage, filling for a hard surface. Relief from bulging, herniated, prolapsed or slipped disc, and piriformis syndrome.
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