Selecting the perfect sleeping factor to start the day with a good note is very essential. The choice of important factors like Pillow and Mattress depends on your sleeping posture, health issue, and age that in turn, offer complete solace in sleep.

Mattress and Pillow come up with a variety of styles and material that perfectly suit a range of preference, lavishness, and sleeping posture.  Therefore, while selecting the best material for your sleep, it’s very essential to know the different category of materials Sleepsia has to offer depending on the demand and requirement of the wide range of customers it caters to.  

About the Material

  1. Latex

Latex material is likely to be expensive. However, similar to memory foam, Latex provides outstanding support and comfort. Natural latex is designed from the liquid in rubber trees. Nevertheless, all latex toppers are not natural. Therefore, make sure to verify prior to purchasing and avoid the synthetic material.

Benefits of Latex Material

  • Tremendous at offering total pain relief and comfort by either softening or hardening your mattress.
  • Generally, Latex is firmer than the memory foam but still feels softer.
  • Non-allergenic and antimicrobial unless you have an allergy from latex.
  • Different materials obtainable, comprising of eco-friendly and synthetic natural latex.
  • Long-lasting.
  • Brilliant at preventing motion diffusion from your partner.
  1. Memory Foam

Contour Memory foam pillow or mattress is one of the most accepted choices for all kinds of sleepers and especially for those with neck and back pain. A memory foam mattress is expensive although it is an excellent way to get extraordinary advantage of memory foam.

Benefits of Memory Foam Material

  • The memory foam is conventionally suitable for every body type. Thus, it offers a relaxing and supportive surface to sleep on.
  • It offers total support if you have back, joint, or muscular pain.
  • It assists in minimizing the movement and noise of a restless partner, therefore, no sleepless nights.
  • You get a range of varieties related to perfect firmness, how compact it should be, etc.
  • It is a long lasting choice, therefore, a little higher pricing is understandable.

Key Points to Consider:

With end number of mattresses and pillows available in the market, it can be difficult to choose the perfect material, style and design to meet your preference and needs. Therefore, we have highlighted a few essential points to consider before buying:           

A) Price

An expensive material doesn’t essentially give assurance that it would be best for you personally. In fact, it’s all about meeting your needs, preference and sleeping posture. Polyester, Plain egg crate foam, and some cotton toppers are likely to be the cheapest. Memory foam can be expensive and latex comparatively more.  

B) Firmness, Pain relief, and Total Support

If you require additional support for your limbs and back, comparatively memory foam and latex is a more effective material.

C) Softness and Comfort

The definition of comfort varies from person to person. In such a condition, searching the perfect material, density, brands, and thickness with total comfort and softness is very essential. Brands like Sleepsia Memory foam pillows are quite popular with people who have cervical or back pain issues.

D) Density and Thickness options

If you require a healthy aging mattress and pillow which adapts to your postures, you may require looking for thicker options. The materials with the best series of thickness are latex and memory foam. Moreover, the density of a topper is essential in identifying the support you receive.

E) Minimizing the Noise of a Partner Movement

Latex and Memory foam is good at minimizing the diffusion of movement from your partner. So if you sleep with someone who is turning and tossing and this is disturbing you from enjoying a peaceful sleep, then Memory foam pillows and latex are good choices.