Every pillow is designed to serve only one purpose: the alignment of your Head with Back and Neck. If it had been very easy to just shop the pillow for sleeping, there would have not been any need to such shops, stores and online marts. The best pillow for sleeping must support your neck properly and promote the alignment of your spine.

It’s not that simple to choose the pillow. The choice of pillow completely depends on what type of material the pillow is made from, your posture of sleep (in general) and the usage of the pillow.

Generally, the pillows are made up of Polyester, Latex, Down, Buckwheat hulls and Down Foam. The added difficulty of making right decision is that the memory foam pillows are available in three varieties: Soft, Medium and Firm. The stuff and stiffness depend on brands you choose. It indicates your performance.

It is said that it takes 10-15 minutes for a pillow to adjust to your body and provide rest to your head and neck.

Match the right pillow with the sleep position you have:

What sleep position do you have while sleeping?

  1. Stomach
  2. Back
  3. Side
  4. Combined (Multiple Sleeping Position)

Sleepsia memory pillows are labelled to match your ways of selecting the right pillow. Consult with us and fine-tune your selection.

If you are Stomach Sleeper:

If you roll over to the Stomach position while sleeping and your face comes close to the mattress, a soft or thin pillow filled with feathers, down or polyester could be the best alternative. If you chose a high-loft or firm pillow, you may end up with a sore neck. So the best pillow for sleeping for stomach sleepers is one that has a smooth surface and that has a low loft.

If you are Back Sleeper:

Sleeping on the back can lead to sleep apnea and snoring problems. It is a problem where a person starts momentarily breathing as the tongue stops air passage due to gravitational pull. One solution to sleep apnea or snoring problem is using wedge pillow or firm pillow. If you use this pillow, the upper half of the body elevates to smooth airways. Latex Foam and Memory Foam can be the best solution. The best pillow for sleeping for back sleepers is one that perfectly aligns the cervical spine with the rest of the spine while supporting the natural curve of the spine.

If you are Side Sleeper:

A survey by consumer report says that 70 per cent of people are side sleepers. Here comes the right need to align your Head, Neck and Back. The right curve between head and neck can only be obtained with Extra-firm or Firm pillow with contour memory foam pillow or latex form. For therapeutic comfort, the comfortable height of a firm pillow should be 10 cm (Approximately 4 inches above the mattress). The best pillow for sleeping for side sleepers is one that lifts the head enough to remove the pressure from shoulder that is adjacent to the mattress.

If you are Combination Sleeper:

You tend to change your sleeping position while sleeping (The Multi-position sleeper) then you need a pillow made up of multiple materials to support all sleeping positions.

To know which pillow suits your sleeping position, connect with our experts on our Sleepsia Toll-Free Number 1800-833-6688.