How awful it is to wake up with cervical pain? The neck pain in the morning can last for the whole day and it can escalate to sciatica, leg and arm numbness, backaches and leave tiredness with irritated conditions in the mind and body.

It is often said that when people suffer from Neck or Back pain, they blame mattresses. It is not actually the mattress; it is actually the pillow and the sleeping position. Using the wrong pillow for sleeping can lead to such problems. You should use Sleepsia pillow to avoid neck pain and earn good sleep.

There are a variety of types of cervical pillows. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We offer the best one. The higher area where the neck is supported is typically where there is a dip, while the head will be supported closer to the upper half of the pillow. Some people prefer to have their cervical pillows flipped upside down- so the concave side is faced up at the mattress- to ensure comfort for them when they sleep.

There is a very simple reason behind the Neck and Back Pain and its cure. The neck has a very complex structure and is made up of cartilage, muscles, tendons and other tiny bones. All the seven bones and other components are constituted in one part of the body; that is Neck. All are directly linked with one another and rest on the bed of fluid that is held responsible for holding and protecting the nervous system.

Here, if your neck holds various significant functions of the body, how we can leave it with negligence. We should employ a better pillow as per our body posture at the time of sleeping. Sleepsia provides you with a great variety of pillows. Choose the right pillow from our wide range.

Here is the list of the best pillows employing which can help you get rid of cervical pain:

  1. Memory Foam Pillow: A pillow that attains shape of your body and provides you ultimate comfort while sleeping. The memory foam pillow is made up of synthetic material that keeps it away from all bugs and makes it dust and infection free.
  2. Contour Memory Foam Pillow: Contour Memory Foam Pillow is an ultimate pillow designed to hold neck and head in a best-aligned way to provide good comfort for side sleepers.
  3. Shredded Memory Foam Pillow: It is a good combination of comfort and support. This pillow is filled with padded stuff and enclosed with good quality material.
  4. Memory Foam Pillow with Infused Gel: Do you feel irritated with a warm pillow while sleeping? It has a solution. The Infused Gel technology keeps your pillow cool even when you are sleeping on it.
  5. Thick and Firm Pillow: These types of pillows are thick in size with firm material to enclose it. They are not made to eject air from it when pressure is applied. These pillows hold their shape.
  6. Water base Pillow: Rejuvenate your sleep and remove all negative signs of fatigue with Water base pillow. They tend to remain cool while sleeping. Reduce stress while sleeping and don’t let your neck feel pressurized while sleeping on it.

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