How can a Mattress Affect your Back, Posture and Digestive System?

  • Our quality of sleep depends a lot on the quality of our mattress.
  • According to a research, 90 % of people feel that quality of the sleep totally depends on the mattress they are sleeping on.
  • If you are using a very old mattress, it could create some problem with your health. Every individual’s requirement might vary according to his/her health issues like weight gain, chronic back pain, allergies, etc.

A Bad Quality Mattress Might Lead to Increased Stress Levels:

Mental stress can arise due to many things like old mattress or a mattress of bad quality. Sleeping on a new mattress can lessen stress as compared to sleeping on the old mattress. It can affect in the following ways:

  • The mattress can trigger allergies if the user is not comfortable sleeping on it.
  • Old mattresses can have dust mites and bed bugs which can lead to skin disorders or any other health issues.
  • Many individuals suffer from respiratory and eczema conditions due to a bad mattress. Snoring issues also increase if your bed is not comfortable.
  • Wash or clean the pillowcases and sheets in hot water or vacuum clean them on a regular basis.
  • Every mattress requires changing every 6 or 8 years to reduce health risk.

Back Pain is One More Common Issue due to Bad Mattress:

  • Other common issue that can arise due to a bad mattress is particularly back pain. If the mattress is not giving enough or proper back support while sleeping, then body pain and destructive alignment of your spine can lead to long term health scare.

Mattresses Affect the Digestive System and Posture:

  • Sleeping positions such as lying on the stomach can assist in digestion but it is not one of the best ways to sleep as neck is twisted and breathing becomes difficult. The spine is also not rested properly so this can lead to soreness or stiffness.
  • If the people suffer from snoring or digestive issues, it’s time to consider a healthier sleeping bed with a good mattress and excellent memory foam pillows. Opt for a trusted brand like Sleepsia.
Sleeping properly is a necessity for the body. The dangers of sleeping on a bad mattress can be long term. Therefore, invest your time in researching for a good mattress.