If a person has ever awakened with tingling or numbness impacting their hand or arm, they will understand what a miserable feeling it is. Normally, people do not understand why this issue arises. In this blog, we will discuss why people face this problem and how can we cure this problem?

What Makes a Body Part “Fall Asleep”?

  • It is simple to say that a body part is feeling numb or fallen asleep. This also means that there is an obvious lack of sensation. There might be a burning or tingling uncomfortable sensation called paresthesia.
  • Many of us unknowingly believe that these problems arise due to a temporary loss of blood flow to an edge like hand and foot. Sometimes this problem occurs due to the nerve supplying blood to that body part. The blood supply along with veins and arteries run together with the nerve that is accountable for transmission. Sometimes the whole blood supply might be getting obstructed due to varied reasons. This may also result in this issue. 

Multiple Symptoms

  • The link from the mind to the nerves in the body traverses through a route of well-known pathways, such as wire system. Unfortunately, if these links face any obstacle or get disrupted, then that body part might feel tingling, numbness or any uncomfortable feeling that can affect the arm or hand or any other body part. Even when you fall asleep at night, three major nerves might get impacted.

Treatment and Diagnosis for Persistent Nerve Damage

  • To eliminate the problem, it is mandatory to evaluate the complete symptoms of this illness. Also, the help of a neurologist might be necessary. It also required taking Imaging of anatomy of the neck and other body parts or MRI or computerized scans can tell the reason.
  • Most importantly, the upper body needs to be comfortable during sleep. The elbow and wrist should be neither extended nor flexed for long-drawn-out periods throughout the night. On the other hand, if the people are feeling discomfort after waking up, it could be problematic. Excessive sleeping pills or alcohol may lead also lead to mutilation or no-sensation issues.
  • Wrists, hand, and arms should be neutrally positioned while sleeping.
  • Splints or wrist braces, anti-inflammatory drugs non-steroidal and local corticosteroid injection may be supportive. When a person faces severe symptoms then there might be a loss of sensation, carpal tunnel release via surgery may give instant relief to the hand. Consulting a good doctor might help if the issue has already increased.

However, all these things might be secondary if proper precautions are taken from the starting. Choose a good quality pillow as per your needs to not face any such health issues and get a good night’s sleep. If you don’t choose the right pillow, then the people might spend the whole night rolling from side to side.

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