Many people may face this problem of arms falling asleep at night. A sensation of numbness and tingling arises in the bones anytime. When the customers are facing this problem in their arms or other body parts, their limb is said to have fallen asleep.

This can happen anytime, night or day. Many people experience it during sleep. People experiencing this issue should contact their doctor because it could indicate medical concern.

What are the reasons for this sensation?

Poor sleeping posture could be one of the reasons for this problem. Their nerve reacts to the lack of blood flow or pinching by tingling on the body.

  • If they wake up with this feeling, the arms will have a tingling sensation that could stop the blood flow.
  • Deficiency of Vitamin B
  • There are multiple types of vitamin B, which help people to maintain cell health and maintain the energy levels. Vitamin B is possible to gain with the help of a healthy diet.
Fluid preservation
  • Fluid preservation can be one more reason along with the high salt intake and variable hormone levels while menstruation.
  • It can cause swelling to arise through the body or it can also be limited to a small area of body parts. From time to time, this swelling can trigger and disrupt circulation and result in a tingling sensation in the affected area.
Syndrome of Carpal tunnel
  • If the people are making the same motion frequently like working with machinery or keyboard, it can result in this.
  • When should the people see a doctor?
  • If they are experiencing such symptoms along with paresthesia, they should talk with their doctor right away. These symptoms may be reasoned by a more serious condition.
Memory Foam Pillows:
  • Memory Foam Pillows are popular because of soft quality with Ergonomic Design. It offers a great orthopedic comfort to the stiff neck pain. This is also a great product to offer relief from snoring problems. With memory foam pillow, the customer can sleep quietly and rest the head as well as neck properly. Thus, the users of memory foam pillows can get rid of arms numbness in the long term. The customers can choose the pillow as per their requirements.
Contour Pillow with Infused Gel
  • If the customer is planning to purchase a pillow to get a proper rest for their neck, then a contour shaped pillow with infused gel technology is the best option for anyone with a back or neck pain. Sleepsia brings you a range of pillows to get rid of arm numbness, neck-back pain or cervical or any kind of body pain.
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