Your pillow is the one determining factor that affects your sleep quality and lifestyle. Everyone has their own preference and needs while choosing a pillow like some choose to sleep on the soft loft; others choose to sleep on a solid and sturdy pillow.

Sleepsia is one of the growing brands that offer ultimate comfort. It is becoming popular among customers as it is a high-quality product. Sleepsia product is also designed for those with stiff neck pain, snorers sleep, and shallow sleep. Therefore, along with the pillow, it’s also important to have the high-quality pillow cover material to ensure complete safety.

You must vacuum the memory foam pillow while changing the bed sheets every time. No matter what your pillow choices are, regular cleaning of your pillow is highly recommended. You have to treat your pillow with a proper cleaning process to gain the luxury of comfort and sound sleep at night.

Since these pillows can be relatively expensive, you may have to learn how to clean it properly without damaging it in the process so that you don’t have to take the trouble of extra expenses.

Steps to Wash a Memory Foam Pillow

If the pillow requires a deep cleaning, then follow this process:

  • Fill up a bucket or bathtub (big enough to fit in the pillow) with lukewarm water and add some gentle detergent. Also, add a drop of lavender oil, this will leave the pillow smelling fresh.
  • Once the detergent is dissolved completely in the water, take out the knit cover from the pillow. Gently sink the pillow under the bathtub/bucket. Squeeze the form for the cleaning purpose to penetrate through it.
  • Drain out the foamy water and fill the bucket/bathtub again with clean water. Persist this until all the soap or dirt is cleaned from the pillow and the water becomes clean.
  • Now, gently squeeze the pillow to take out excess water. You needn’t rigorously squeeze or twist the foam.
  • Now, keep the pillows for air drying. It is good to keep in sunlight directly or leave it under a ceiling fan.

Note: Don’t place in the dryer as the high heat can damage the foam.

  • If required, spray a few drops of lavender oil to smell better.


  1. Allow the pillows to dry properly on one side then flip it over, and ensure it is also dry completely on the other side. This process might take some time, but let the pillows dry completely for total protection.
  2. It is always safe to change your pillowcase regularly as you don’t clean your pillow so often as your pillowcase. In case you are not feeling well, it is good to clean memory foam pillow properly. Otherwise, it is appropriate to wash in every two months.
  3. While washing the bed sheet and pillowcase via the washing machine, spray some baking soda over the memory foam pillow then leave the pillow in the sun for an hour or two. The baking soda and sunlight can revitalize the pillow, take in the fragrance, thus, making it fresh.

Sleepsia Support Services

Along with a reliable and high-quality product, Sleepsia also offers proper instructions and suggestions based on sleeping needs and sleeping types of different individuals. Sleepsia brand is known in the USA and India for delivering a reliable, sturdy and premium product. To know more or purchase the pillow from Sleepsia, visit the Sleepsia website or call at 1800-833-6688