Regular cleaning of sleeping component like pillow and mattresses is equally important as cleaning bed sheet to maintain proper hygiene. For this, you need to learn how to wash pillows that support your head and neck properly.

People spend one-third of their life sleeping placing his/her head on a pillow, therefore, it is essential to keep the pillowcase and the pillow absolutely clean to promote a healthy sleeping atmosphere. Every pillow has different techniques of cleaning for the maintenance of quality and complete hygiene. Memory foam pillow is easily washable; however, it has some definite techniques of cleaning or washing.

Anyone with allergies knows the significance of using a clean pillow for a healthy sleeping environment. Pillows can collect many irritants such as dust, mites, dead skin cells and bacteria that can lead to sickness if proper care is not taken. Memory foam pillows are designed with high-quality materials that are resistant from these irritants. Proper cleaning is needed to solve many common issues and provide you with absolute comfort.

Memory Foam Pillows:

Memory foam pillow is the best supportive pillow due to its comfortable fillings and relaxing surface to sleep on. It is an excellent way to support the spine and neck during the night.

• Memory foam pillows can be cleaned easily by simply running slightly warm water on it until it’s totally cleaned.
• Remove the pillow cover and slowly submerge the memory foam pillow in water or just allow the water to run from the tap over the pillow. Allow moving it around too much to ensure that all of the inner stuffing is not flushed out.
• Do not put memory foam in the washing machine. The tough agitation of the machine might break the stuffing of the pillow and deteriorate the quality of the pillow.
• Do not use a dryer on a pillow made up of memory foam.
• Place it in an airy area until it is dry. Hanging the memory foam pillow outdoors on a sunny day is a brilliant way to dry the memory foam pillow quickly.

The Technique of Cleaning the Memory Foam Pillow

The best method to wash the memory foam pillow is by hand. However, you should be gentle. Moreover, avoid using the detergent which can damage the memory foam pillow.

Simply submerge the memory foam pillow in water and then soak and run the water until the water gets clear. This can rinse or wash most of the allergens and impurities out of the pillow without destroying the memory foam pillow.


Avoid drenching the pillow after you have cleaned it. You can gently squeeze the memory foam pillow until the water comes out. The best method of drying the memory foam pillow is by simply hanging it outdoors on a sunny day to dry it quickly.

If you find this difficult, lay some towels on the kitchen counter and place the pillows on the bread rack to ensure air circulation on both sides. Turning the fan on and letting the pillow dry completely is a helpful method.

For Additional Information!

Hygiene is the most important factor to stay protected and safe, therefore, washing the pillow regularly with proper techniques is very essential. It is mostly seen that unhygienic pillows can worsen the sleep condition leading to many other health issues. Therefore, it’s always safe to wash it regularly or replace the pillow. Sleepsia is a trustable brand in memory foam pillows. To buy the pillow of your choice from Sleepsia, simply visit the Sleepsia official website or call at 1800-833-6688 to clear all your doubts.