We spend one-third of our time in bed and thus, sleeping is an important part of our life. A sleeping component like mattress and pillow hence, should be carefully chosen and properly taken care of to ensure better sleep and hygiene. A suitable pillow can significantly improve the quality of sleep and sleeping experience. However, even the premier quality pillow over time degrades and should be replaced periodically.

When did you replace your pillow last time? Most people are uninformed of the requirement to replace the pillow after a particular time and mostly the pillow loses its shape and becomes unhygienic to sleep on with time. This also worsens the sleep conditions and develops many health problems. As such, everything affecting the pillow can have a harmful effect on your health and this is particularly true for those suffering from head and neck pain, respiratory diseases, allergies, and asthma.

Why Replace Your Pillow?

Better sleep: Your pillow directly impacts your sleep quality. A wrong pillow cannot provide proper support to your head and neck curve. This also sometimes inaccurately twists your head or neck curvature making it really painful. Therefore, it very essential to replace your pillow after a point of time and thus, one should buy a perfect and suitable pillow depending on the sleeping needs and sleep position. A supportive pillow also properly aligns the neck and head shape according to the spine.

Hygiene: Too old pillow can be unhygienic and further lead to many other health issues and insufficient sleep. Moreover, the dead skin cells peel gets absorbed in the pillow creating a harmful effect on the health. Over time, you might get skin inflammations or allergic reactions resulting from such a pillow. Thus, replacement of a pillow from old pillow to high-quality memory foam pillow is very essential to maintain hygiene and comfort.

How Often Should I Wash My Pillow?

Keeping the sleeping component clean and hygienic is most important. Generally, it is recommended to wash once in three weeks, though it is even better to wash more frequently. Memory foam pillows are hypoallergenic, anti-allergen, and anti-bacterial and thus, completely safe to sleep on. Pillow cover as a regular habit should be washed frequently. This prevents allergens and unnecessary bacterial growth so it is safe and healthy.

Types of Pillows & Replacement Timeline

• Memory foam: Memory foam pillow must be replaced after one year or two. It has great conforming qualities; however, they are likely to sag after a few years. The memory foam pillow is adjustable for every sleep position offering a comfortable and relaxed sleep.
• Contour Pillow: Contour pillow must be replaced after one year. This pillow is mainly recommended to reduce cervical pain and neck pain. The contour design perfectly fits the neck shape and provides sufficient support to the neck.
• Memory Foam Pillow with gel technology: The gel infused pillow is designed with high-density memory foam which takes absolute care of your health. It should be replaced after every two years to ensure better sleep and hygiene. The gel technology absorbs body temperature and molds the sleep position accordingly with neutral body temperature.
• Down Pillow: This pillow should also be changed/ replaced in a year or two. They are likely to lump relatively longer, and it is at that point, they become ineffectual.

For Additional Information

It is mostly seen that uncomfortable sleeping position and longer use of pillow can worsen the health condition to cause many other health issues or sleep issues. Therefore, it is always safe to wash the pillow cover frequently and replace the pillow in every 2-3 years. Sleepsia is a reliable brand in Memory foam pillows and known for delivering high-quality orthopedic pillows for all types of sleepers. To buy the pillow from Sleepsia, simply visit the Sleepsia official website www.sleepsia.in or call at 1800-833-6688 to clear all your doubts.