Visakhapatnam is home to the oldest shipyard and is the only natural harbor in the east coastal region of India. Visakhapatnam Port is the 5th busiest cargo port in India. Also named as the Jewel of the East Coast or The City of Destiny, Visakhapatnam is a major tourist destination and most popular for its beaches. The city has also been selected as a smart city among other cities under the Smart Cities Mission.

Now, with Sleepsia you get the chance to make your sleep smarter and healthier. Sleep is a very important ingredient for healthy living and one should never compromise with the quality of sleep.

A Smart Way to Sleep- Memory Foam Pillow

Sleepsia Memory Foam Pillows are made of finest quality memory foam pillow. You will definitely experience the most comfortable and rejuvenating sleep with the memory foam pillow. Take a trip down to some of the best health benefits that the memory foam pillows provide.
  • Pressure Points: The pillow is intended to curves and takes shape of the body to provide full support to the neck, head & shoulders. Hence the body experiences a pressure-free sleep.
  • Sleep Apnoea: The pillow is quite beneficial for sleep apnoea sufferers, as the pillow help avoid frequent turning & tossing of the head. It also minimizes the pressure on the wind pine to allow better airflows so sleepers can breathe freely.
  • Spinal Alignment: It helps get rid of headaches, neck, and back pains that are usually caused because of poor spinal alignment. The foam in the pillow takes the shape of the body to maintain correct spinal alignment and provide total comfort to the head and neck when they are positioned on the pillow.
  • Hygienic: Another great thing about the memory foam pillow is that it is completely hypoallergenic. It effectively obstructs the growth of dust mites and other harmful bacteria on the surface of the pillow.
We provided a range of pillows so you get the perfect pillow that suits your sleep comfort. Now, get your favorite pillow from any Visakhapatnam location.