Memory foam pillows have emerged to be highly recommended pillows for neck pain relief and sound sleep. There are numerous reasons for memory foam pillow being the best choice for any type of sleeper. However, every product has its advantages and disadvantages which determine the quality of the product.

To fully understand and finally decide your preference, it is very essential to know the pros and cons of using memory foam pillow. To experience the benefits of the pillow, you have to first feel comfortable and have the trust factor in the product. Let’s explore different views on memory foam usage.

1. Adapts to Body Pressure: One of the greatest advantages of using memory foam pillow is that it has the cooling gel technology which adapts to the heat of your body and adjusts according to your shape. The “viscoelastic” quality helps in gaining comfortable sleep with original memory foam. It basically creates a shape of your body. When you walk up from the bed, the foam dissolves back to the original which is possible because of an electric factor.

2. Better comfort: Memory foam pillow aim to offer more comfortable sleep with softness and firmness which perfectly suits all your sleeping needs. This is also perfect for supporting the spine and body alignment. Sleeping on a natural curve is highly suggested for the spine, and lumbar support.

3. Ease of pain: The primary benefit of memory foam is that it is useful in terms of alleviating the pain on pressure spots. In case you are suffering through joint pain, insomnia, and arthritis, then memory foam pillow can be helpful.

4. Hypo-allergic and dust-mint resistant: Memory foam pillow is best for those who suffer from allergy. It consists of the hypo-allergic and dust-mint resistant element to ensure complete safety and comfort. This is also suggested for those with back pain.

5. Wonderful Feeling: Right after using the memory foam pillow for some days, you will definitely find the difference in your sleeping experience. It eases pain too.

6. Easy to clean: The knit cover is easily removable and washable. Also, you can clean single- piece memory foam quickly. Depending on the manufacturing of the pillow, decision can be made whether it can be washed in the washing machine or not.

1. It is too heavy: The average weight of Memory foam pillows is 2 kilograms. That is more than the ordinary pillow weight. Discomfort doesn’t essentially come from weight as you lay over the pillow. However, this is a usual experience for most users once they use the memory foam pillow in the initial stages.

2. It is too firm: At the initial period, some people find the memory foam pillow to be more firm. However, if they are distressed from neck pain, the soft pillow is most possibly the reason for the pain. The firmness of the memory foam pillow is essential since it provides a proper neck support.

3. Heat: It might produce heat and discomfort while sleeping. This happens in single-piece memory foam pillows. However, pillows like Sleepsia gel infused memory foam pillows are cool pillows as it has a cooling technology.

4. Odor when Buying: Some users don’t like the characteristic smell of memory foam pillow while buying it. The odor gradually decreases over time, later it is hardly noticeable.

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