It is really frustrating to wake up in the morning with neck pain or stiffness. The Morning neck pain can last for an entire day or two, making it worse and can also lead health problems like back pain, headache, leg numbness, migraine, and usually leaves the feeling of irritation and exhaustion.

What Causes Neck Pain?

Several factors determine the quality of sleep you gain and the most important is the sleeping ingredients like pillows and mattresses. When you get up with neck stiffness, mostly it is because of the wrong selection of pillow.

Inside the cervical line, nerves run from the brain to an entire part of the body. Keeping the neck in alignment with our back and head is one of the ideal ways to ease injury, neck pain, stiffness, and back pain without troubling the spine.

Top 5 Best Pillows for Neck Pain 2022

Sleepsia Shredded Memory Foam

Sleepsia Shredded Memory Foam Pillow provides you superior comfort and excellent flexibility. This supports your neck structure as you sleep. The shredded foam allows you to place the pillow the way you like and is ideal for stomach, side or back sleepers. The airflow among the pieces of foam keeps the pillow cool while sleeping. Also, the combination of bamboo fabric and polyester of the cover doesn’t absorb moisture and amplifies the coolness of the pillow for absolute comfort.

Sleeping Memory Foam Pillow

Memory foam pillow designed in Contour shape is specifically helpful for people who suffer from neck pain. This pillow highly recommended due to its contour shape to alleviate cervical and neck pain. The memory foam pillow keeps the spinal alignment straight and prevents stiffness, neck pain, and snoring. Side sleepers, stomach or back sleeper equally suffer from the pain of an uncomfortable neck pain due to twisted neck alignment. The pillow is a dust mite and allergen resistant and is totally safe & washable. This helps to ensure a clean surface.

Contour Memory Foam Pillow from Sleepsia

The contour memory foam pillow is highly recommended by doctors for preventing neck pain due to its contour shape and original memory foam. This supports the neck and head providing a more comfortable feel. This pillow has a dig in the center that allows proper fitting according to the neck to keep the head and spine aligned especially for the side sleeper. Back sleepers evade having their chin forced downward.

Cervical Memory Foam Pillow

The Cervical Memory Foam by Sleepsia especially maintains its neck shape all over the night despite movement. Cervical Memory Foam pillow is also great for people with an allergy or sensitive skin as the material is completely hypoallergenic. It is also resistant from dust-mites and mildew. It also upholds the proper alignment of the neck for pain-free sleep.

Premium Water Pillow

The Water Pillow provides smooth movement while sleeping without flattening or bunching. It is the ultimate way to get absolute support in your sleep position. The water core changes shape with you, it isn’t required to get up and relocate the pillow as you move from side to back.

If you are still doubtful about which pillow to choose from the collection, simply visit or call at 1800-833-6688. Sleepsia is a popular brand in USA and INDIA with reliable services, products, and hassle-free delivery process. You can undoubtedly visit the official website and place an order according to your needs.