Navi Mumbai is dwelling to the various commercial and business hub and home to top educational institutions. It is a well-planned city to the west coast of Maharashtra in the Konkan division. Summers come with numerous health problems, and sleep issue or sleep deprivation creates more imbalances in the lifestyle and body adaptation in Mumbai.

Increasing temperatures and industrialization dehydrates the bodies and makes us more ignorant about minimum sleep needed to stay healthy and stress-free. Sleep disorder or insufficient sleep leads to health problems such as snoring, breathing problem, stress, depression, tension, headache, migraine problem, asthma, etc.

Doctor rightly points out that good sleep or having minimum sleep of 8 hours can ease most of the health problems, as our body too needs rest and comfort.

Sleepsia understands the need of the hour and thus aim to improve the lifestyle and health condition of the people across India & USA. Sleepsia Memory Foam Pillow is of different kinds and type and shapes for diverse health problem and position.

Benefits of Memory Foam Pillow

Great Support and Contouring

Memory foam pillow conforms the shape of your neck & head to offer ultimate support. This helps your head from not falling in too deeply and creates a neutral spinal alignment for utmost support and relieve.

Pressure Point Relief

The contour shape reduces the pressure and alleviates you from neck stiffness, shoulder pain, headache, and back pain. Its compliant nature supports your neck to save it from taking uncomfortable and awkward turns.

Spine Alignment

Supporting the neck in a comfortable position creates strong spine alignment. It allows your body properly to relax and alleviating diverse health issue by promoting sound sleep all night.


A good sleeping position and a quality pillow enhance the air-circulation and breathability. When the head and neck are aligned with the spine, the air passages also remain aligned and stay open to let the functioning of the respiratory tract proper.


Memory foam pillows are naturally hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial. This pillow is perfect for suffering through allergy or having sensitive skin.


Sleepsia Memory Foam Pillow has a higher density of Memory foam making it more durable and comfortable. These pillows are 100% premium quality guaranteed with one year warranty period.