Is your sleep giving you neck pain instead of peaceful sleep? Consider changing your ouch-inducing bedtime mistakes

If you sleep in an awkward position at night, you might wake up with awful neck pain. This ache often leads to annoyance and extreme pain which may last the whole day.

Better ways to sleep to avoid neck pain

The two sleeping positions easiest on the neck are the side sleep and back sleep. If you are comfortable sleeping on your back, try resting your head on a rounded pillow. This will support the natural position of the neck. You can also achieve the same comfort by placing a small role into/above the pillowcase of softer, flatter pillow.

Best Tips for Back and Side Sleepers to Avoid Neck Pain:

1. One of the best options is using feather pillow to rest your head. Feather pillows are soft as well as very comfortable because it can easily conform to the curve of the neck. However, feather pillows tend to collapse in due course and may need to be replaced from time to time to enjoy the same comfort.

2. The next in line is the traditionally shaped memory foam pillow. The special memory foam allows the pillow to effortlessly conform to the contour of the neck and head, reducing stress on the neck. This pillow helps foster accurate spinal alignment. As a result, you get complete rest all through the night and wake up feeling refreshed.

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3. Avoid using a high or over-stiff pillow, as this makes your neck remain flexed overnight and eventually you wake up feeling pain and stiffness in your neck the next morning.

4. If you are a side sleeper, check that your spine is straight while you sleep. You can use a contour shaped pillow that is higher under the neck than the head.

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5. When you are traveling in a car, train, or plane, or reclining to watch movies, using a horseshoe-shaped pillow will save you from horrible neck pain. This pillow supports the neck and helps prevent the head from falling off to one side. However, if the pillow is very large, it will force the head to bend forward, which may not be very comfortable.

6. If you are a stomach sleeper then you need to reconsider your sleeping position. If you rest on your stomach, it becomes quite harsh for your spine, as your back is arched and the neck is turned sideways. Changing your sleeping position can be tough as they are often set early in life and become a habit. Still, you can start trying the side or back sleeping positions for a well-supported, healthy position because, at the end of the day, it will be worth trying.

Additional tips to protect your neck from injury

  • Try contour shaped pillow
  • Try sleeping on your side or back for proper spinal alignment
  • Elevate the lower legs slightly by placing a roll under the knees
  • Place computer monitor at the eye level.
  • Avoid neck strain while texting.
  • Try to exercise and stretching your neck.
  • Stay hydrated always.
  • Always carry weight evenly.
  • Maintain/use supportive posture.
  • Make sure the sleeping surface suits well to your sleep position.
These are few sleeping tips to avoid neck pain. We assure you that by following these tips, you will be liberated from awful neck pain. Sleepsia experts offer more tips and tricks for better sleep and better health. Call on 1800-833-6688.