Use an adjustable bed to customize a sleeping position that best suits your requirements. All those who are suffering from severe medical conditions need to have adjustable beds for sleeping and good quality pillows for proper neck-back support.

Those who are bedridden or suffer physical limitation should use mattress made up of memory foam in their adjustable beds.

Here are some of the medical conditions from which you can get relief:

Lower Your Back Pain:

Use adjustable bed from both the sides (head and foot) with good mattress like Memory Foam. It positions in the best way to give a perfectly enabled way of sleeping at the back since the surface with taking the contouring position of the body as close as possible.

It provides you relief from sciatica like painful conditions that ultimately fine tunes your spinal cord and attached nervous system. If you actually want to relieve pressure from your lower back and reduce pain, you need to have a 45-degree upright position from the head side.

Alleviate Sleep Apnea, Asthma, and Snoring

You start snoring when you lay flat on the bed and your head is in an upright position in respect of your body. The neck exerts extra pressure and weight on your windpipe thus causes snoring.

When adjustable bed levitates your head to the right upright position, the neck releases pressure from your head and gravity removes weight from the windpipe and reduces the snoring problem.

Heartburn and Acid Reflux

Even those who don’t sleep on the full stomach can suffer from heartburn and acid reflux problem. If you use a flat mattress for sleeping, the acid that stomach produces moves to the esophagus and causes problems like acid reflux and heartburn.

The recommended inclination of the bed base is 6-8 inches for healthy digestion and better sleep.

Improve Digestion

Whether you are awake or you are sleeping, your body keeps working always. If you are lying flat on the body, your body might not be performing with all abilities to process food. This can easily be taken care with adjustable bed combined with a right mattress to sleep on.

Get Relief from Arthritis

Your body may face arthritis and other painful conditions. These conditions can be neutralized or reduced if the right adjustable bed frame is used for sleeping. Joint pain and stiffness can also be removed if you alleviate your bed to the recommended height.

Your head at the lower position and your leg at down position respectively can help you in getting relieved from many Arthritic problems.

Here are some other problems that you get relieved from if you use the Adjustable Bed:

  • Lighten Leg Swelling
  • Ease Insomnia
  • Enhance Circulation
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