Pillows have many uses and also have a big role in how good your everyday life can be, in terms of your need, luxury, fun, and therapeutic solution for any pain. The pillow varies depending on the need, sleep type, and sleep positions. The most recommended among the pillow types are the Sleepsia Memory foam pillows that adapt to your body shape and provide ergonomic support to the neck and head.

Some people also prefer using Memory Foam Pillows beneath the knees or hugging them tight for a more comfortable sleep. Since Memory Foam Pillow has many benefits. They can help in getting rid of several sleep issues and health problems.

A supportive, flexible pillow prevents lateral neck strains and twists

When sleeping on back, gravity pulls your head to the right or left shoulder as you sleep. The perfect pillow keeps your spine aligned and head positioned comparatively upright and straight. This reduces the neck strain and also induces sound sleep.

Uses of Memory Foam Pillows depending on the sleeping position

• Side position: Side sleeping position is the most common type of sleep since most people prefer sleeping on the side as this is the instinctive and comfortable way to sleep.

High-loft (thicker) pillow is best for Side Sleepers

The contour memory foam pillow is mainly advised by physicians because there is more gap to fill between your mattress and head. This pillow is designed in contour shape especially for neck pain and cervical pain relief. When you sleep on your side, the pillow needs to be thicker to uphold the spine alignment. However, if the pillow is too thick, it might bend your neck and lead to more complications.

• Back Sleeping Position

Approximately 14% of people sleep on their back. Most sleep experts advise sleeping on the back because it promotes a better sleeping position. Your neck, head, and back are kept in a constantly comfortable and neutral position, thus, avoiding any sort of sleeping related issues.

Thinner low-loft pillows are best for Back Sleepers

Memory foam pillow with infused gel is the best pillow for the back sleepers as it can take shape according to body movement and provides a comfortable surface to sleep on. A pillow that is too thick lifts up the head too high and the neck is twisted upwards, potentially damaging nerves, muscles, and discs.

• Stomach Sleeping Position

The physician usually suggests avoiding sleeping on the stomach as it’s hard to uphold a neutral sleeping position. It also forces your spine and head into an unnatural upward bend. Spending hours in stomach position is not good for your neck and spine alignment. This can lead to considerable discomfort and disturbed sleep.

Low-loft pillows are mainly preferred for Stomach Sleepers

Stomach sleepers require significantly less fill in the pillow than others who sleep on their back or side. If you prefer sleeping on your stomach with thick pillows, your spine twists at an angle which causes aches, numbness, or pains. Bamboo Memory foam pillow is highly suggested for the stomach sleeper.

Avail Additional Support!

Considering the various factors, memory foam pillows of different varieties are helpful in numerous ways. However, finding the right pillow is a problematic task, therefore, it’s very essential to know the factors and your individualistic sleep needs. Sleepsia thus provides proper information of each product to make it easy for you to understand better. Sleepsia brand is absolutely durable and reliable with a smooth delivery process. To purchase the product that matches your need from Sleepsia, simply visit the Sleepsia official website www.sleepsia.in and a place order immediately. Call at 1800-833-6688 for any queries.