Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow helps to uphold the shape of the spine alignment and neck position by functioning as a therapeutic solution for neck & cervical pain. Memory Foam Pillow also help in preventing sleep issues like snoring, shoulder pain, insomnia, neck pain, and back pain.

The memory foam pillow has a premium quality construction that adjusts according to the sleeping position and movement. The memory foam pillow has an orthopedic construction, to help alleviate your stress and pain. You get a wonderful and peaceful experience of sleep with no discomfort and pain.

How is Memory Foam pillow a better choice?

  • Memory Foam always remains firm and never goes sleep due to original visco-elastic memory foam.
  • This pillow offers orthopedic comfort with Ergonomic Design to provide relief from stiff Neck Pain and shoulder pain.
  • The temperature sensitive fabric in the pillow uses the body heat to turn on the molding process to create a personalized fit.
  • The memory foam pads contain air pockets or bubbles and may seem as if the foam has gaps in it, but this enhances the functional quality of the pillow
  • The orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow is dust mint resistant, Hypoallergenic, and breathable.
  • Easily removable and washable with zipper knit cover.
Product Features and Specifications
  • Orthopedic value: Are you struggling with neck, shoulder or back pain and need an orthopedic treatment to have a sound sleep? Our orthopedic memory foam pillow provides proper support to the neck and promotes appropriate spinal alignment to ease neck pain, cervical pain, and stress.
  • Suitable for all sleep position: The orthopedic memory foam pillow is ideal for the back, side, and stomach sleepers due to adaptability feature. The memory foam adapts to the body position and changes shape accordingly.
  • Best relaxation and comfort: The orthopedic memory foam pillow provides ultimate comfort by easing the sleep issues. This pillow provides a supportive surface to sleep on.
  • Hypoallergenic innovative material: The orthopedic memory foam is mainly recommended by the Physician for Asthma patients and for people with a migraine and breathing problems. This pillow is designed using hypoallergenic material with resistance from dust mint and mold.
  • High-quality: The breathing fabric is used for better flow of air to provide ultimate comfort. The Knit zipper cover is made of high-quality anti-bacterial material. The quality of this luxuriously quilted textile covers provides a wonderful feeling of a sound sleep.
  • Comfort sleep: The orthopedic memory foam pillow is absolutely comfortable and soft with high-quality memory foam inside. This pillow is a combination of pressure point relief and visco-elastic memory foam. It is perfect for the shoulder, neck, and head support while sleeping.
Needed Additional Support?

The orthopedic memory foam pillow is the most recommended pillow in the market for gaining the ultimate solace while sleeping. However, you might have a hard time to find the right pillow, therefore, it’s very essential to know the factors and pillow brand. Sleepsia brand is absolutely durable and reliable with a hassle-free delivery process. To purchase the product that matches your need from Sleepsia, simply visit the Sleepsia official website www.sleepsia.in and a place order immediately. Call at 1800-833-6688 for any queries.