It’s not only about the COMFORT but also HEALTH BENEFITS that your pillow offers that sum up your quality sleep.

Sleeping on a Memory foam pillow can provide so many health benefits. Memory foam pillows by Sleepsia are quite unique because of the instance heat cushioning insulator. This means, when a force is applied with heat from the body, the foam in the pillow reshapes itself to comply with the shape of the head and neck.

When it comes to quality sleep then cost shouldn’t be a factor of concern. You should consider that when Memory foam pillows cost the same or little more than other competitive pillows, the Memory foam pillows provide more benefits those other pillows. The foam in the pillows can retain shape much longer and lasts longer than other traditional pillows. When comparing the cost of a variety of pillows, you should also reflect on the cost of changing pillows over a lifetime.

Top 5 Health Benefits

More sleepers are turning to the Memory foam pillow for improving their sleep comfort and quality – and all for excellent reasons:

1. Pressure Points

  • Memory Foam Pillow is designed to curve to the unique shape of the body to support the head and neck. In this way, the neck and head are given an even support.
  • The foam reforms more on the stress area and less where it is not needed, allowing a uniform pressure on all areas, as a result eliminating pressure points.
  • Great pillow choice for those who suffer from pressure points on the shoulder, neck, and back area.
2. Spinal Alignment
  • Offers relief from headaches, back or neck pain, typically caused by poor spinal alignment. The Memory foam pillows provide spinal alignment as you sleep.
  • As you weight down the head and neck on this pillow, the foam reshapes itself due to the weight and heat of the body. As a result, it gives superior resistance beneath the heaviest parts of your head, and evenly supports the lighter, pressure sensitive area of the neck.
  • The correct spinal alignment helps the head avoid tossing and turning over to discomfort position.
  • Helps the muscles to relax in a right posture offering a natural and comfortable spinal support, promoting a complete restful sleep.
3. Sleep Apnea
  • As stated above, a fine sleeping posture helps keep the airways open all through the night, providing a sound and peaceful sleep.
  • The low-pressure points with the Memory Foam pillows benefit people with sleep apnea since there are less turning and tossing. This leads to restful sleep.
  • Allows proper performance of the respiratory system.
4. Hypoallergenic and Hygienic
  • Memory foam is made of synthetic materials they are nontoxic and safe.
  • Memory foam is naturally hypoallergenic restraining the growth of fungus, mold, dust mites, and bacteria. The pillow is great for people with allergies to feathers, dust mites, or other traditional pillow materials.
  • Unlike wool, cotton, and feather pillows, the Memory Foam pillow does not release ‘micro-fluff’ in the air which could be possibly inhaled. A dream pillow for those allergy sufferers.
5. Aesthetics and Durability
  • Memory Foam Pillow can retain its shape and does not go flat like other traditional pillows.
  • The foam conforms to fit the curves of the head and reverts back to its original shape once it cools down. While fiber filled, feathers or batted pillows go flat, wear out, and develop lumps over time.
  • An excellent Memory Foam pillow has a higher density as compared to regular pillows. It outlasts other good quality pillows purely by design, making it the most durable pillow.
Now, you can enjoy all these health benefits with excellent Memory Foam pillow by Sleepsia. Check out different types of Memory Foam Pillows via and get the perfect pillow that suits your sleeping position and also be relieved from health issues you have been experiencing lately.