Nagpur is the third largest city in Maharashtra with the political and commercial hub. Moreover, the city holds it’s significant for being the Hindu nationalist headquarters. In Nagpur half of population is suffering via sleep disorder. These sleep problems are known to cause many other serious diseases.

Sleep problem affects millions of people worldwide and can lead other bigger health issue for the patients. Those troubled by this medical state faces stoppage of breathing while sleeping which lead to waking up multiple times at night. The air circulation into the lungs gets blocked due to the position of the lower jaw. Therefore, it’s very necessary to carefully select the Sleep component depending on your sleep position, sleep type, and sleep comfort.

Sleepsia a reliable brand in India, as well as the USA, is helping thousands of people having sleep disorder by delivering pain-relief and comfortable Memory Foam Pillow for all type of sleeper and all type of sleep issue.

Why Memory foam Pillow for your sleep comfort?

The high-density Memory foam in Memory Foam Pillow consists of polyurethane and hypoallergenic & anti-bacterial chemicals that enhance the comfort and reduces pressure while lying down. It is often known for its flexibility polyurethane foam and "viscoelastic" material that promotes sound sleep in a neutral and restful position.

Benefits of Memory Foam Pillows

  • Total Comfort: Provides great support and pain-free sleep with its soft and comfortable material. It contours perfectly by matching the shape of the neck and head to offer an incredible experience of sleeping.
  • Hypoallergenic and dust-mint resistance: Memory Form is Original Visco-elastic memory foam, hypo-allergenic, and completely dust resistant to allergens such as mold, and other bacteria.
  • Cooling Gel technology: The temperature adaptable memory foam reacts to body movement and heat, molding to dispense body shape and easing pressure points to enhance circulation.
  • Health care: Sleepsia Memory Foam Pillow is highly-recommended for those with serious sleep issues and health problem such as snoring, tensions, asthma, cervical pain, allergy, depression, insomnia, stiffness, TMJ, breathing problem, Neck Pain, & Migraines, etc.