In the fast paced, neck breaking speed of metros, managing stress and work life balance is extremely difficult. And the lack of proper sleep severely multiplies the problem. According to a study, Indians are the most sleep deprived and some of the poorest sleepers in the world. The percentage of sleep deprived people in India is as high as 93%. 72% of Indians are waking up one to three times per night. Sleep deprivation can seriously affect the mental well being and health of a person that reduces mental alertness considerably.

Noida is a bustling city and its neighborhood Ghaziabad is a well known industrial hub. Life in Ghaziabad is fast paced with all the vices of a modern city. High stress is coupled with factors like long travel hours, irregular schedules and changing sleep patterns that exacerbate the situation.

There are several products in the market that aid sleep and provide relief from many physical ailments while sleeping at night using the latest market innovation in their product.

At Sleepsia we understand the importance of sound sleep. With our years of research into cooling pillows, we have come up with a whole new range of latest and the best in class Memory Foam Pillow with several enhancements. Memory foam maintains the right amount of softness and in reaction to body heat, it molds itself to the body outline.

We Provide A Comprehensive Range Of New Age Sleep Products In Ghaziabad

We deal in a range of products like the Contour Memory Foam Pillow, Cervical Memory Foam Pillow, Neck Pain Memory Foam Pillows, Memory Foam Knee Pillow, Shoulder Pain Memory Foam Pillows, Coccyx Orthopedic cushions for sciatica and hip pain relief. These products use high quality, advanced density memory foam originally used by NASA.

Sleepsia promises to provide a luxurious hotel-like experience from their double-sided gel design. But, comfort is not the only advantage. They are ideal for patients suffering from neck and back pain and our coccyx pillows tend to ease out chronic conditions resulting from spine and disc problems, Osteoarthritis, Compressed nerves, and Fibromyalgia.

Our product passes through toughest quality parameters setting a benchmark in quality, guaranteed to provide an unbeatable ultra-lux sleep. Our Gel-infused range of self-healing premium Memory Foam provides a significant cooling effect and best airflow for cooler odorless comfort.

Know More About Our Product

We have a team of highly experienced professionals who are well-versed in this domain and can help you make the right choice so you can say goodbye to painful sleepless nights. Sleepsia has a vast client base all across the country including Ghaziabad and our products are highly recommended by doctors, physicians, and chiropractors.

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