Bathinda is one of the oldest city in the southern part of Punjab. It is home to two major thermal power plants, Guru Hargobind Thermal Plant and Guru Nanak Dev Thermal Plant.

There has been an increase in the rise of various types of cancers and health issues in and around Bathinda. This is caused due to the presence of industries that emits harm pollutant in the atmosphere. Apart from the effect of toxic environment, the hustle bustle living- Rush hours, chaotic schedule – also contributes to affecting the wellbeing of the people. Such living has lead to many health issues such as anxiety, insomnia, poor concentration, and many other issues leading to mental, physical and emotional stress.

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Quality Memory foam pillow in Bathinda

When it comes to quality sleep, cost shouldn’t be the main concern. While purchasing pillows, several factors should be considered such as sleep type, sleep posture, and health issues. The memory foam pillows are recognized for providing ultimate comfort, better air circulation level, and most accurate spinal alignment. The pillow can preserve its shape for a longer duration.

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