Back pain, whether chronic or temporary, is a painful experience and can make your working hours hard to get through, and your nights intolerable. Any physical uneasiness you experience at night disrupts your rest, breaks off your sleep cycle, and produces both long term and short term health problems if not addressed at the right time.

A right pillow is not just helpful for your head and neck head, but also useful for neck strain relief. Your sleeping position and neck position also define the alignment of your chest, spine, and lower back.

Choosing the Right Pillow

Choosing the right pillow could be a complex task but a good pillow can be highly helpful for those with chronic back pain. You get a wide range of pillow material in the market, but purchasing the most supportive pillow requires a number of factors like sleeping position, sleep issue, sleep needs and the material offered.

Memory foam pillow materials match closely to the sleeper’s neck, head, and shoulders to alleviate pressure points or improve spinal alignment. Physical Therapists recommend sleeping with a pillow between one’s legs to alleviate back pain. In contradiction, choosing the incorrect pillow can worsen the back pain.

Pillow shoppers face several contemplations when choosing and matching models. One essential factor is pillow thickness or loft; sleepers must also take their sleep position, weight, shoulder width, and head size into consideration when choosing how thin or thick their pillow should be.

Other key variables comprise temperature neutrality, durability, moldability, shape retention, and price-point.

Sleepsia Memory Foam Pillow for Back Pain

Our Memory Foam is dust mite-resistant and anti-bacterial which is helpful for pregnant women and Asthma patients. Moreover, Sleepsia memory foam pillow is helpful for back pain relief. This pillow offers you a comfort and pain-free sleep at night with absolute support for the back.

The cooling gel technology adapts to the body heat and provides a cooling & warm effect as per the requirement which gives extreme solace to your back. Sleepsia pillows are known for its durability, reliability, and premium quality product. Sleepsia pillows are designed with original quality memory and pressure relief point which is firmer and supportive than a regular pillow.

Why Memory foam pillow for back pain?

  • Sciatica, Hip, and Back Pain Relief: Memory foam pillow is ergonomically designed to support the pillow that fits smoothly between the waist. It offers the utmost support at night that keeps your hip, legs, and spine in perfect alignment while sleeping and reduces pressure on the lower back.
  • Multifunctional: The memory foam back supports pillow support to resolve sleep issues by supporting and alleviating your upper body. It is also helpful in satisfying your sleep need by improving circulation and provides knee support pillow, neck support, leg spacer, back support etc.
  • Material & Size: Extension size 58.4 L x 33B x 9.2H cm which completely fits diverse sleeping posture and prevents discomfort or twisting. Designed with a high-quality premium Memory Foam material can maintain its shape for absolute support and it is anti-bacterial, hypoallergenic, and dust mite resistant.
  • Breathable Easy Clean Cover: Comfortable cooling aloe knit cover is easily removable with a zipper which is machine washable. The fabric durable cover offers moisture wicking and breathability properties.
  • Fully Guarantee: Our top priority is customer satisfaction, 30 days money back policies in case not fully satisfied.

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