As We Say “Your Sound Sleep Fuels Our Passion,” So do we adhere ourselves to.

At Sleepsia, we think it is very important to have sound sleep every time you hug your pillow. The hug should be soft, cosy and full of comfort. Shouldn’t it what you want? Yes, everybody wants this. Sleepsia also feels the same and manufactures pillow that meets all your comfort and luxury requirements. We have a wide variety of Memory Foam Pillow; pick one and add comfort to your luxury.

Sleepsia pillows are made up of Polyurethane; it is a Visco-Elastic material that, very responsively, adjusts with your Neck and Head. Its Contoured Technology helps them regain original shape after waking up.

We manufacture pillows keeping in mind not to compromise with the Therapeutic Qualities to provide relief to your body from orthopaedic strains. We design pillows to support the natural curve of the Neck.

Stop Choosing the Wrong Pillow for your Sleep. Choose Sleepsia and experience sleep like never before.

Too soft pillow and wrong position leave your neck in leaning position. This ultimately causes the problem to your spine. At Sleepsia, we thorough study spinal posture and design a pillow better for your body and neck curve.

Comfort matters the most; that’s how we design different types of pillows

  • Bamboo Pillow: A pillow that contains Hypo-Allergic activities. A bamboo material “Viscose Rayon” filled in the casing with shredded memory foam. It adjusts to your body needs.
  • Contour Pillow: Spend tiresome time in Car, Flight or Office? Contour Pillow should be your choice to hug a sound sleep. Its therapeutic qualities provide rest to your spinal curvature as well as neck.
  • Cool Gel Pillow: Does sweaty pillow spoil your night? Are you tired of using pillows having increased temperature after coming in contact with your body? Use Cool Gel Pillow; a range of pillow that doesn’t grasp and release thermal sensation during sleep.
  • Ventilated Pillow: Have you ever thought of sleeping on the same stinking pillow every night? No need to go that way, we have a variety of pillow that breath: the Ventilated Pillow.

What Qualities does Sleepsia provide? (The Quality may vary from pillow to pillow)

  1. Hypo-allergic Qualities
  2. Provide relief to your cervical pains with therapeutic qualities
  3. Easy to clean and maintain
  4. Made of Conventional and Organic Material
  5. Supports different sleeping positions
  6. Holds structure/shape
  7. Cool sleeping surface

Buy Sleepsia pillow and hug a sound sleep every night. Our pillows add a feather to your cap of comfortable and luxurious life.