So you have Memory Foam Bed Pillow and we are sure you love the support and comfort it is offering you. To continue with its benefits it is very important to keep your pillow clean. We spend hours with our faces/head against our pillows, so keeping them clean is quite important.

There are various reasons to consider washing your bed pillows on regular basis.

The first point is to check if your pillows provide the cleanest and freshest sleeping surface where you can rest your head. Every night, you are spending hours with your face placed against the pillow, so it should have a pleasant aroma and provide a healthy and hygienic cushion for your comfort. If your pillow doesn’t provide these factors then it means it’s time to give your pillow a good cleaning.

With the passage of time Pillows tends to accumulate many irritants such as dust, mites and even dead skin cells. The Memory foam pillows (find it at are usually made from special materials that do not gather such irritants, but they still hover around on top of the inner core and are also trapped under the casing. A regular and good cleaning can resolve such issues and will offer a pleasant spot to lay down your head for a good night rest.

Step to Wash Memory Foam Bed Pillows

Memory foam pillows have become the trendiest choice today. The thick padding in the pillow that resists crunching or decompression is a brilliant way to support the spine and neck at the night. Find below the steps to step guide on how you can best wash your Memory foam bed pillows.

  • The solid memory foam bed pillows can be effortlessly cleaned by just running down warm water over it until it gets clean.
  • Separate the pillowcase from the foam then gently submerge the foam into a full sink of water. If not, simply let the water runs over the pillow and lets the water run around every corner so that all the inner padding is flushed out completely.
  • Don’t put the solid memory foam bed pillow into the washing machine because the strong shakeup of machine washing can break or weaken the padding that is inside the pillow. Don’t use a dryer on memory foam bed pillow to dry it.
  • Rinse off the pillow with clean water. Continue the process until the water runs clear.
  • To dry it, keep the pillow in an open or any well-ventilated area to air-dry it. Hanging the pillow outside in direct sunlight is an excellent way to dry a foam bed pillow quickly.

Tips: Sprinkle some baking soda on the pillow and leave it in the sun for some hours. The baking soda and Sunlight can revive the pillow, absorb the scent and leave it feeling fresh.

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We hope the above information has been useful for you and your pillow. Your bed pillow is certainly the most used items at home. All of your life it supports your head during the night, form the heat of summer and late night spills and snacks. No doubt it deserves a good cleaning.