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Replacing or buying a mattress can turn into quite an exhausting process. We need to know what makes the best mattress for your comfort while sleeping. It is very tough for customers to choose the right mattress for themselves. Here are some tips to simplify the process of choosing the best mattress. Sleepsia is one of the leading memory foam pillow suppliers in India. Talk to our experts to make the process of selecting the right pillow or mattress for you much easier than expected.

Set the Framework

First, the customer needs to set the Budget: Here the customer needs to set a planned budget according to the individual needs of buying a suitable mattress.


  • Mattresses of innerspring, which are used as a steel coil system, are good for those who like their bed with a bounce.
  • Normally customer should buy mattresses whose stuff is more durable while Bonnell springs tend to reduce the ‘ripple’ effect of movement, thus, providing more stability.
  • On the other hand, the Memory foam mattresses are great for customers who prefer a more firmer base. It is made of high-density polyurethane foam.
  • The best mattress is always helpful for natural body alignment.
  • Mattresses of Latex foam can be derived from the petroleum-based materials and natural tree sap. It is as firm as the mattresses of memory foam.
  • Natural latex is also resistant to mold, antimicrobial, and dust mites.
  • Some memory foam mattresses might be costly as compared to others but the long term quality and durability makes it worth it.
  • A hybrid mattress is also quite popular among customers. It is made from the steel coil support system with one or multiple types of foam along with gel, memory and latex foam. It offers to them complete support and comfort of both technologies.
  • Mattresses pillow top offer an additional layer created from foam and fiber materials.
How a customer can choose the right mattress for themselves:
  • While choosing a mattress, keep in mind how plush or firm you want it to be and the size you require.
  • While choosing any mattress, the needs of a customer will vary according to the specific size and quality they want.
  • Memory foam mattresses can retain the body heat, thus, making it more comfortable.
  • On the other hand, if the person wants a lower temperature while sleeping, consider it as the best choice for the customers.
  • If you tend to shift around a lot in your sleep, search for pocketed coil mattress to minimize the ripple effect.
  • Cushy memory foam mattress works well if the customer tends to sleep on one side.
  • The air filled mattresses with adjustable chambers are ideal for couples.
Sleepsia offers Contour Pillows with Infused Gel for All kinds of Health Issues
  • If you are not taking giving proper rest to your Back, Shoulder, and Neck, it can result in serious health issues in the future. Mattresses and memory foam pillows are equally important for your proper sleeping habits. If you are searching for the best memory foam pillows in India, Sleepsia is the answer. It offers a proper alignment to the back for all customers and helps in getting rid of cervical.
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