Memory foam pillows are made from Polyurethane foam which is viscoelastic in nature. These pillows are designed for the overall wellbeing of the sleeper, for promoting better sleep as the contour shape allows sleepers to get deeper into it and relax well. It soothes your tired and overstretched neck muscles and keeps the neck, spine and lower back aligned for a rejuvenating sleep.

Customer’s talkback

I recently saw an article on the internet about the benefits of memory foam pillows and how they help patients with herniated discs, back pain, and Compressed nerves.

So I decided to buy one from this particular brand called Sleepsia which I particularly liked because seemed to be taking their product a few notches up by infusing cool gel in it along with a washable bamboo zippable outer cover too. They claimed that the pillow provides excellent air ventilation and the cool gel keeps it cool in the toughest of climates. I was amazed to know that a modest material like bamboo is so beneficial. It has high breathability and that it’s highly absorbent and soft and is hypoallergenic which makes it widely successful in countering allergies.

I was so impressed with this product and I ordered one immediately. And I must say that I instantly fell in love with this cool gel infused memory foam pillow from Sleepsia and the way it cradles my neck and head. I’d never felt anything like this before! and since I am facing issues with my lower back for a long time, the support it provided made me sleep like I never had in years.

In my experience, these pillows do get slightly softer over time without getting transformed dramatically.

Do Memory Foam Pillows Get Harder?

Well, you read our customer's views above and we get countless such reviews daily. The answer to the question is a big NO. Most of the memory foam pillows in the market talk about relative firmness. This means that the memory foam slightly indents to form an outline around your head and neck. The material is reactive to heat and body weight so it will bend only as much as required.

Also, instead of these memory foam pillows getting harder; on the contrary, they will get a bit softer as you use them over a period of time without getting too soft.

Sleepsia memory foam pillows will never get harder as other inexpensive foam pillows.

Those of us who have tried these memory foam pillows may have noticed that the store pillows are a bit softer because these are being tested constantly.

Memory foam pillows are meant to be that way they are – to support your neck and head with a contour formation, keeping the head aligned with the spine and providing the right support to the lower back.

Manufacturers ensure that the pillow provides the right amount of support and stay firm and at the same time give a comfy feel as well. This is to ensure that the pillow doesn’t become just another shapeless synthetic pillow which is no good for back support. For this very reason, you must give your memory foam pillow some time to adjust and soon you won't just sleep without one.