Hey, are you a couple and longing for a homely feeling?

Then, you have landed in the right place and will be thrilled to know the following about a Pillow. The Couple pillow is designed to offer the most welcoming feeling to their customers along with following their physical and emotional needs.

It is made with the most promising and durable fabrics to enhance the utility. It is produced to provide comfort at their best, along with easy maintenance, and also to preserve sensitive skin conditions. The Couple Pillow comes with an engaging quality, it can conform to the shape of the sleeper and is able to accommodate consumers of all body types. You also have free will to change the covers in accord with your working space, as they are made available in different colours.

Different Colours Couple Pillow

These pillows offer the ultimate body support to enhance your sleeping patterns and keep the spine and back problems at the edge. You are bound to experience a painless sleep with the given qualities the pillow presents. The way it’s structured eliminates scopes of problems and makes sure you wake up with a feeling of utmost relief.

Consumer demand is at its peak because of the undivided benefits the product carries. Individuals prefer using a Couple Pillow rather than normal ones as they are finding these more soul-satisfying and comforting.

With the intention of providing optimum relief in all areas of desirable support to consumers, the pillows come in every size possible. There is a wide range of Couple Pillows that exist with different product-specific advantages in order to fulfill the needs of the consumer. All these types centre in and around different qualities to fulfill the comfort spaces and desires of the users.

Variants of Couple Pillows:

The Right Side Couple Arm Pillow

Right Side Couple Arm Pillow

The Right Side Couple Arm Pillow aids in the prevention of natural spine alignment.

This pillow is particularly made with the use of memory foam to support the arm of the male or female who usually offers their arm to support the head of their partner while sleeping in a comforting embrace.

The structure of the pillow is crafted in a manner where both parties are allowed to sleep peacefully on their sides, remaining unbothered, and simultaneously can snuggle without any muscle cramps faced due to staying in a particular position. The structure offers an opening for one arm to be comfortably placed under the pillow altering the situation of being stuck, rather it allows the partner to breathe without strain and be present for support without facing any cramp issues.

The Right Side Couple Arm Pillow is in great demand because of its structure that provides easy and most comforting sleeping space for both involved parties. The demand is justified and is also now being adopted by a large number of new consumers. This type of Couple Pillow is most favored among all the other variants.

Ergonomic Designed Pillow

Ergonomic Designed Pillow

The Ergonomic arch designed pillow supports your parent’s head, allowing you to prevent numbness while cuddling. The Couple Pillow comes with a pure Polyurethane inner shell, which presents characteristics such as airy, skin-friendly, breathable etc.

Also called Slow Rebound Memory Foam Pillow, it’s made of charcoal memory foam with seconds of rebound for cervical protection and sound sleep. This pillow is an all-rounder when it comes to the advantages, providing customers to carry it with ease and use the same without any complexities.

The main feature of this pillow is Spinal Correction and excessive Pain Relief.

A zero pressure pillow is also fit for all sides of sleeping including, face-down sleeping, abdomen sleeping, neck sleeping etc. The pillow is crafted in a manner that alters any present stiffness in the Spinal cord by promoting a systematic spinal alignment and eliminating all kinds of sensitive pain problems.

With a proper airflow and silk-crafted pillowcases that are fit for sensitive skin, it also consists of a detachable zipper for easy handling. For lasting usage of the pillow, it is advised to not machine-wash, rather use the hand-washing method.

Wedge Pillow

Wedge Pillow

The most eye-catching type was introduced and manufactured in India itself, catering to all the Indian audience. This Pillow is a portable kind just like a necessity while travelling for any trip. It makes sure the consumer is never away from the homely feeling.

The pillows are easily available and are pocket friendly and top-notch quality materials used for the promised comfort. These are majorly preferred by a large number of consumers nowadays. You can spot these with people while travelling frequently. The structure and its built involve the use of not one but two foams, explaining the high level of comfort these pillows bring out.

This type also focuses on the distribution of weight uniformity and eliminating the pressure from the joints of the consumers.

Wedge Pillows are best for maintaining good body postures, helping you with right angles always while resting at odd surfaces. The gentle slope also helps in improving blood circulation and a possible reduction in snoring habits.

The pillow’s fabric comes with a royal feel, a low-pile warm knit with the finest fabric sourced by Belgium just like the feeling of a soft feather. The velvety feel of the same will give you the most comforting satisfaction almost immediately.

Pregnancy Pillow

Pregnancy Pillow

Well, for the mother to feel relaxed and comfortable the use of a Pregnancy pillow serves as a boon.

Pregnancy Pillows are designed with a complete mindset to provide the mother with all levels of support during different semesters.

This body pillow involves the back, hips, knees, neck and head and is particularly a must-have for all pregnant women to ease the sleeping difficulties faced during different phases.

The pillow is made of an adjustable polifly material which reduces the possibility of changing sides while sleeping, rather helps the mother to have a sound sleep.

Here’s how the pillow looks:

A pregnancy pillow is crafted like a long cylindrical shape that is easily moulded in any shape or position as per the preference of the consumer using the product. The shape in turn provides support to the entire body, reducing irritation, body aches, unnecessary cramps and most importantly it helps in reducing excessive back pains during the most challenging trimester.

The Pregnancy pillow is not just limited to supporting the consumer while sleeping but can be effectively utilized while doing any daily chores or engaging in any kind of prolonged sitting working condition. Its easily foldable capacity opens doors for healthy blood circulation. The soft material used gives an airy edge for the skin to breathe and skip the possibilities of any related skin allergies. The pillow is very low maintenance with a number of unavoidable features. Also, comes with a side zipper removal pillow cover that can be easily machine-washed, and is also free from BPA and hypoallergenic.

Features of Couple Pillow:

Although the advantages of Couple Pillows are quite well known. You can take a look at the following:

  1. The Couple Pillow is specifically designed as per the needs of the customers. The pillow offers no compromise in the scale of comfort.
  2. Effortless handling, some types are easily folded according to the customer preferences.
  3. Fine quality fabrics are used that are skin-friendly, further helping in the reduction of popping of pimples, fading of wrinkles and ageing at a young age.
  4. With a pocket-friendly budget and easy accessibility of the pillow, their demand is on a constant rise in the market.
  5. The Pillows are a one-time investment and are very low maintenance.
  6. The usage of the pillows guarantees full support with all physical needs like proper body postures, increased blood circulation, reduction in the level of stress, increase in the number of happy chemicals like serotonin, dopamine etc.
  7. The Couple Pillow is built free from all chemicals or harsh materials. Making the Pillow grow for high consumer demand.