Sitting down at a desk all day long might seem like the natural way to work, but it can have negative consequences on your health. Sitting for long hours can lead to many health problems such as back pain and obesity. Here are five tips to help you stay healthy while you're working on a computer:

Get up and move around every hour or so 🚶🏼

Get up and move around every hour

By taking breaks and standing up, you will improve your circulation and help to reduce the risk of developing eye strain or a headache. In addition, by getting up and moving around every few minutes, you will also get some fresh air and break the monotony of sitting in one place for long periods of time.

One way to stay active while you're working is to take a walk around the office. You can also try doing some light exercises on the computer screen, like bicep curls or tricep push-ups.

If you find that you're getting tired after sitting for a few minutes, try standing up and moving around. This will help to energize your body and improve your overall mood.

Eat healthy snacks and meals 🍊

Eat healthy snacks and meals

Some good snacks that you can eat while you are working on a computer include fruits, vegetables, and yogurt. You can also pack some lunches with fresh fruit and vegetables if you plan on staying at work for more than an hour or two.

It is also important to make sure that you drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated will help to keep your body functioning at its best and help to avoid headaches and fatigue.

Give your eyes the break they need 👀

Give your eyes the break they need

One of the biggest dangers when working on a computer is developing eye fatigue. This can lead to decreased work productivity and even accidents. To reduce the risk of eye fatigue, you should take regular breaks and stand up every few hours.

This also means staying away from your electronic devices such as smartphones. You can even try short naps in the afternoon. A power nap, which takes less than 30 minutes, can energize you and alleviate the strain from your eyes.

Use an ergonomic keyboard and mouse 🖱️

Use an ergonomic keyboard and mouse

When you work on a computer for long hours, it is important to use an ergonomic keyboard and mouse.

Ergonomic keyboards and mice are designed to make you more comfortable while you are working. They have special features that make it easier for you to type and move your mouse around.

By using an ergonomic keyboard and mouse, you will be able to:
  • Avoid strain on your wrist
  • Reduce of risk of carpal tunnel
  • Improve blood flow to your joints and muscles

Keep your desk clean 🧹

Keep your desk clean

One of the most important things you can do to stay healthy when you work on a computer for long hours is to keep your desk clean. If your desk is cluttered, it will be harder to focus on your work.

Procrastinating on this simple task is quite common because it doesn’t provide the stimulation that we need. However, a clean desk reduces the harmful pathogens in your environment, resulting in better health for you.


Most of us have to work for long hours on a computer. This drastic change in the way we work requires us to take appropriate measures to nullify the negative impact of long sitting sessions. And there are plenty of ways you can still stay healthy even if you have to sit for long hours - simply use the good habits for long sitting sessions mentioned in this post.