Some people who often end up waking at 3 to 4 am are forced to fall back asleep. There could be multiple reasons for this. Here in this blog, we will discuss 5 reasons that why we wake up too early in the morning.

Due to the Insomnia Problem

Many people think of insomnia as a kind of inability to fall asleep during bedtime. It is quite common among people who normally face issues while falling asleep at night. The common symptoms behind this illness are:

  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Difficulty staying asleep
  • Experiencing disturbed sleep
  • Waking up early in the morning
Mostly older and middle-aged people experience this issue. Insomnia is also common in adult women.

  • If the people are waking up early and not getting enough high quality sleep to function at their best the next day, it might impact many things and overall functioning of the body.
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  • Sleeping issues can also be cured by regular exercise, eating well and having a set time to sleep every day.
Avoid or Limit Alcohol Intake:
  • Too much quantity of alcohol can do a lot of damage to your system. This could be one of the primary reasons for sleeping disorders.
Need to Avoid Excessive Caffeine or Liquids Before Bedtime:
  • The people need to avoid extreme consumption of tea, coffee or soda and chocolates. This can have a negative effect on your overall health. Nicotine is also harmful as it keeps the body awake for long hours, thus, disrupting sleep.
Sleep Apnea:
  • Some of the symptoms of Sleep Apnea are loud chronic snoring, high blood pressure, morning headaches, excessive daytime fatigue and a problem with waking up in the morning. Body muscles might be temporarily immobilized and get weak too due to Sleep Apnea.
  • It is recommended to visit a good doctor to cure this type of problem.
  • Diagnosis might include prescribed treatment.
  • Anxiety and stress can also result in this.
  • Heart rate might increase and pulse might race due to this issue. Body temperature rises in some cases. This sleeping disorder should be taken seriously.
Going to Bed Too Early is Not Negative:
  • Particularly adult or old people are fond of going early to bed.
  • This depends and varies from individual to individual. Sleeping time is set by one’s genes and the exclusive biology of that person. A healthy body will need 7 to 9 hours to sleep at night.
  • It is not bad. Going to bed early and rising early has its benefits too. However, a set time and sleeping schedule should be set. It will discipline your body temperature and overall health.
The Sleep Cycle Varies with Age:
  • As we get older, we might face sleeping disorders like sleep apnea, sleeping disorders like insomnia which further affects our health in a big way in the long term.
  • If people want comfortable and peaceful sleep, buying a good pillow is extremely essential.
  • In today’s time, varied kinds of pillows are available. Not all pillows suit everyone. It is very important to choose the right pillow for yourself according to your health and needs.
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