Knee pillows are a usually known back pain therapy for the side sleepers. Knee pillow is mainly designed to fasten the healing process and provide pain-free and comfortable sleep. Considering the high demand for the Knee pillow, manufacturers have produced wide-range of Knee Pillow of different shape and size according to the requirements. While sleeping on the Back and side sleepers, complete body’s weight is pressured in one side. This one side pressure can be ease by adjustment in the knee pillow with appropriate sleeping position. When you sleep with no Knee pillow or wrong knee pillow, the bony knees are bumping into each other that create an uncomfortable or painful position to sleep. This leads to much sleepless night and anxiety for the entire day.

Benefits of using Knee Pillow

Support: When sleeping on your side, keeping the Knee pillow between the legs provides utmost support to sleep comfortably. The spinal alignment is lifted straight in a natural position which helps in alleviating pain.

Comfort: Side sleepers should always to keep the soft knee pillow, rather than rubbing the legs together all through the night and causing restlessness, discomfort, and painful sleep. This helps is most relieving health issues like bad backs, recent surgeries, knee arthritis, sciatica, spine misalignment, pregnancy, hip bursitis, injuries etc.

Why Knee Pillows are Essential for Back Pain Relief & Better Sleep

Keeping a knee pillow between the spaces of your leg supports your posture at night and relief back pain. Knee pillows are highly recommended by Orthopedics for pregnant woman and Edema due to its perfect back support to reimburse the extra weight in Uterus.

Knee pillows also help to support the hips while sleeping on your side by providing a supportive pillow between the knees. Some types of knee pillows also help in elevating the leg pain by creating a personalized fit. These are particularly useful if you suffer from hollow swelling or Edema in the ankles.

This type of orthopedic pillows also helps to prevent the blood flow blockage and relieve upper and lower back pain. Using a knee pillow is also signifies for strained nerve or herniated discs.

What to consider in the Best Knee Pillows?

The best supportive knee pillow must be capable of offering ample gap between your knees to maintain the straight back alignment and absolute comfort. It knee pillow should allocate for correct blood flow to the feet and be a relaxed match for you.

Pillow made up of various materials are available in the market like high-density memory foam, latex, down feathers, polyester, buckwheat hulls, and water. Memory foam materials or filling are hypoallergenic and anti-allergen to ensure total safety and comfort.

Memory foam is the ideal material for the knee pillow as it retains the shape according to your body temperature and sleeping position and stays in the neutral temperature. This gives the utmost flexibility with maximum comfort.

Avail additional information

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