According to medical experts, Stomach Sleeping posture is an extremely unhealthy option as it makes the sleepers vulnerable to pain and pressure in the neck as well as the shoulders. Yet, most adults prefer this posture over other postures. That is why stomach sleepers must be careful selecting bedding materials so that they receive good sleep quality and sufficient duration.

Selecting a pillow for stomach sleeper can be tricky because most pillows are designed primarily for back and/or side sleepers. Pillow loft and thickness are important concerns. Excessively thick or excessively thin pillows can affect the neck alignment with the spine. The filling and cover fabric are other factors of consideration because sleeping with face-down frequently requires more breathable- softer surfaces.

There are a couple of pillow designs that are considered The Best Pillow for Stomach Sleepers in 2018. You can also check out excellent pillow types on that is best for stomach sleepers.

Wedge-Shaped Pillows

The first design is the wedge-shaped pillows. As the name suggests, a wedge-shaped pillow is a pillow designed and crafted in the shape of a wedge, meant to help sleepers feel more comfortable while sleeping.

  • This is commonly used by those who require elevating the head while sleeping to avoid suffering from different afflictions.
  • In some cases, it helps sleeper with issues like sleep apnea.
  • Maintains the spine in a neutral position.

Thin Pillows

While trying to find a better way to support the head in a comfortable position while sleeping, one important factor to be considered is sufficient support of the neck.

  • To improve sleep quality, stomach sleepers have to make sure that the neck is not over-extending in one direction. Using a thin pillow can help accomplish this and offer a good amount of support while sleeping.
  • A thin pillow helps the neck to remain in natural position all through the night,
  • It helps the stomach sleepers to fall asleep easily and you can wake up the next morning without any pain on the neck, thus feeling fresher.
  • Keeps the neck from bending upwards.

Hypoallergenic Pillows

For back sleeper and side sleepers, there might be fewer instances of experiencing hitch because of the number of allergens that are trapped in the pillow. However, for the stomach sleeper, the head is too close to the pillow, specifically, the nose and mouth are likely to be more prone to allergies than others.

  • A hypoallergenic pillow helps sleeper to be more comfortable
  • Prevents cold and flu-like symptoms and keeps sleeper away from common allergens that are present in the home and environment.

Ultra Slim Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow

The memory Foam gel infused pillow is not only a great option for stomach sleepers but for the side as well as back sleepers. The natural, thin, flat design provides complete support to the spine, thus, helps in enjoying a great nighttime sleep.

  • The memory foam in the pillow provides a cushiony respite for the neck and head.
  • With just the right firmness, the pillow provides desired support and proper night's sleep.
  • Helps maintain a proper alignment.
We hope that this blog has helped you explore unique pillows for stomach sleepers and points to consider if you are a stomach sleeper. Feel free to share your experience with Sleepsia experts at 1800-833-6688. Sleepsia memory foam pillows are highly popular among people who were facing cervical or neck pain issues, snoring problem, etc.