Back pain is a really common problem faced by a large group of people. It usually crops up with the increase in age and during women’s pregnancy period. The best orthopedic solution for back pain is the use of a suitable Knee pillow between the legs to create proper spinal alignment.

Sleeping on the side fetal position with a pillow beneath the knees reduces pressure and relieves pain. Sleeping with Knee pillow between the legs also enhances the sleep quality with utmost comfort and relaxation.

Placing a pillow between the lower half enables the knees to be aligned, which keeps the pelvic and hip aligned. This also reduces pressure on the hips and relieves back pain and leg pain instantly. In fact, researchers recommend placing a pillow beneath the knees can alleviate pain and lead to a more peaceful night’s sleep.

Benefits of Using Knee Pillow

  • Placing a pillow between knees adds ultimate comfort and assists to minimize pressure and muscle strain in your lower hips and back by preventing the upper leg from pulling the spine.
  • Placing a knee pillow between the knees supports the lower body by positioning your knee, legs, hips, and spine in the right alignment.
  • It helps to get rid of the problems such as lower back pain, varicose veins, muscle cramps, and sciatica.
  • Knee pillows raise the lower body to maintain a straight side sleeping position.
  • A knee pillow minimizes pressure in the knees on the legs and upholding the legs wider apart.
  • Knee pillow prevents your body from angling and the hips from rotating over as you sleep.

Best Sleeping Position for Back Pain Relief: Side Sleepers

Many people prefer sleeping on the side in the fetal position which means that the knees are bending in proper alignment. Placing a pillow beneath the legs reduces stress on your back and keeps your head and spine in a neutral position. Sleeping on the left side position reduces acid reflux and heartburn.

Researchers have found that sleeping on the left side reduces pain and builds a personalized position to sleep with comfort. You can also sleep on the right side to permits your spine to relax in its neutral curvatures.

The Sleepsia Knee pillow is made up of high-density memory foam and hypoallergenic material that accordingly molds the body temperature. Furthermore, it has a versatile ergonomic design to accommodate your body in three useful positions: between your calves, between your knees, and under your ankles. The integrated flexible strap protects the pillow and prevents it from moving while you sleep.

For Additional Information!

Knee pillow is helpful for quality sleep and for availing optimum support that suits your sleeping position and upholds a proper spinal alignment. This helps in alleviating back pain and supporting the shape to create a comfortable position to sleep in. Sleepsia knows the pain that people suffer from due to wrong selection of pillow and thus, brought forward a reliable and high-density Knee memory foam pillow.

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