Memory foam pillows have a number of health benefits that improve sleep quality. The metropolitan cities like Kolkata with a busy life and increasing industrialization, more and more people are suffering from sleeping problems and insufficient. This sleepless night affects the entire health condition leading to many uncountable health issues such as depression, lack of concentration, tension, asthma, margarine, anxiety etc. Some due to wrong selection of pillow suffer from problems like neck pain, shoulder pain, headache, insomnia, cervical pain, stiffness, number etc.

The Physician mostly recommends such people to use Memory Foam Pillow matching with the sleep position. Memory foam pillow reduces the strain on the neck by dispersing the pressure and heat neutrally; the foam adjusts itself to the comfortable position.

When it comes to quality, comfort and pain-free sleep, cost shouldn’t be the priority. Various factors should be considered while purchasing the most suitable pillow like the sleep type, sleep position, and sleep issues etc. Memory foam pillows are known for the ultimate comfort level with better air circulation and better spine alignment. These pillows preserve shape and last a longer duration than regular pillows.

Sleepsia pillow has popularly known across India and USA for delivering pillow of high durability, accurate dimension, pressure relief point, excellent tensile strength, perfect finishing, superior quality, rust proof nature, and cooling gel technology. The pillow is available for all type of user may it for Knee support, Lumbar support, neck support, cervical support, tail bone support in different sizes, shapes, designs.

Sleepsia Memory foam Pillow in Kolkata

Contour Pillows with high-density memory foam

Contour pillow is perfect for the side sleeper with high-density memory foam and pressure relief point. The contour shape adapts the natural neck curvature to create a better spinal alignment. This is helpful in relieving the neck pain and improves the sleep quality for optimum support, comfort, and relaxation.

Cool Gel orthopedic Memory foam pillow

This pillow absorbs the body heat and molds to the neutral sleep position by creating a neutral structure for a comfortable sleep. The cooling gel pillow improves the air circulation with a cooling effect to sleep comfortably all night.

Cervical memory foam pillow

Cervical memory foam pillow is perfect for the side sleeper with neck and cervical pain. It is designed ergonomic shape that takes a shape of comfortable sleep position and aligns the spine in a better alignment.

Searching for Memory Foam Pillow in Kolkata?

Sleepsia is a highly popular brand delivering memory foam pillow across USA and India. Moreover, the delivery process is customer friendly and with a proper description of each product is given on the Sleepsia website. To purchase the Sleepsia pillow, simply visit the Sleepsia official website, identify the requirement and place an order. Call at 1800-833-6688 to clear all your doubts.