Lumbar support is really important to one’s wellbeing and quality of life down the years. It is required to allow the lower back to function without any pain.

If you are sitting for comprehensively longer period of time – whether in vehicle, office or in some other- it is essential to ensure that you have adequate lumbar support, supporting your muscles as well as your spine. Lumbar support includes support given by belts, pillows, mattresses, office chairs, and even contraptions like corsets and other body shaping tools.

When you put your lower lumbar under constant stress or when it gets damaged, you will start to experience back pain and stiffness. Over time, the lower back issue may get worse if not treated on time. This issue may be also be accompanied by other disturbing symptoms such as:

  • Increasing weakness in the legs
  • Loss of bowel and/or bladder control
  • Severe stomach pain
  • High fever

Where to find perfect Lumbar Supports

Many chairs are designed – such as office chairs and vehicle seats – featuring built-in lumbar support in order to improve seating posture and prevent back injury. If your chair is too tall or small and doesn’t provide any lumbar support, you can choose to procure portable lumbar back supports.

Sleepsia is offering amazing lumbar cushion that offers therapeutic relief from back pain. Lumbar support cushion is also super easy to use. Simply slide it onto your chair so the lumbar support provides support to your lower back.

When you are seated in your chair with lumbar cushion, your spine is aligned to a neutral position with a little curvature forward. Your shoulders are aligned with your pelvis and ears. As you place your back all the way to the chair, the lumbar support helps you sit in correct posture instead of falling into an unsafe posture.

  • In addition to using sufficient lumbar support, you should also do some stretching throughout the day.