Quality sleep is affected by many factors like sleeping position, sleep type, etc. A wrong pillow can worsen the health condition as well as sleep quality and also lead to problems like a headache, stiffness, numbness, insomnia, cervical pain etc. You may also develop intense stress, tension, and depression over time.

Therefore, taking the time to determine the most suitable pillow according to your sleep preferences and sleep habits is very important. Right pillow enhances your sleep quality with ultimate support and relaxation while sleeping to offer you refreshed and healthy lifestyle.

Things to Consider While Choosing a Good Pillow

1. Know your Ideal Sleeping Position

• Sleeping position: Some sleep mostly on their back, some choose to sleep largely on their side and there are some who sleep on their stomach. Know which position feels comfortable to sleep and the position which gives you sound sleep all night.
• Discover your sleeping position by the trial method: Even if you already know your preferred position, it’s recommended to take a few nights to verify it so that you can choose better.
• Pillow choice depending on sleep position:

a. For a stomach sleeper, you need a soft, comparatively flat pillow to sleep on. Using a soft pillow allows your neck and spine to stay in alignment. However, this position is the least recommended sleeping position.
b. For a back sleeper, the medium loft pillow is the most supportive. In this case, the pillow that is thicker and firmer provides more support and comfort by relieving neck and cervical pain.
c. Side sleepers need a relatively thicker, firmer pillow designed in contour shape to properly hold the neck curvature and provide utmost support to sleep comfortably.
d. For the mixed sleeper, the adjustable and medium firm pillows are mostly advised. The medium thickness pillows are comparatively softer to sleep on and one can change position comfortably in the desired position.

2. Choosing Your Pillow Filling

Know your pillow filling and its function. There is a wide collection of pillows in the market and on online sites with different names and functionality, thus, it’s good to know the best filling required according to your sleep position.

• If you are suffering from allergies, asthma, or neck pain, Physicians always recommend choosing a hypoallergenic or a dust mite resistant pillow filling that ensures complete safety.
• Consider the cost. Some pillow fillings tend to be more expensive than others.

3. Consider a memory foam pillow: The memory foam pillow is made up of polyurethane and high-density visco-elastic memory foam.

• Memory foam pillows are designed in all sizes and shapes like contour shape, etc to support all types of sleepers.
• Memory foam pillow provides ultimate support to the neck, head, and shoulder without troubling the spine alignment.
• The contour design curdles the structure of the neck curvature to ensure comfortable and pain-free sleep all night.
• High-density memory foam and pressure relief points help ease health problems.
• The infused gel technology adapts to the body temperature and pressure.
Memory foam pillow is hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and dust-mint resistant which makes it perfect for all types of sleepers.

For Additional Information!

Memory foam pillow retains its shape for a longer duration. However, it is always recommended to wash it regularly and replace after every two years of use to ensure absolute hygiene.

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