Contour memory foam pillow is mostly popular for cervical and neck pain relief. This pillow is the combination of visco-elastic original memory foam and pressure relief point that ensures absolute comfort to the neck and head. It sustains the perfect alignment of the neck, shoulder, and head with a spine that allows deep sleep all night. Contour Memory foam pillows are designed in contour shape to perfectly match the neck structure and build a personalized fit.

The contoured memory foam pillow also allows better air circulation which creates a comfy surface to sleep on. The contour design of the pillow is made considering the curvature of the neck for ample support and to ease the pressure. The infused gel contour pillow offers a cooling effect that matches the body temperature and thus, helps in getting rid of the discomfort. There are specific ways to use a contour memory foam pillow to enhance sleep.

Choosing your Pillow

Selecting the most suitable pillow from stores or website is a difficult task unless you know your sleeping needs and sleep positions. There are many reputed and reliable companies with high-quality products that have been introduced after extensive research for everyone’s utmost benefit. Pillow choices differ from person to person, however, pillow with contour design is highly recommended for ample support as it is flat on one side and curved on the other side. The larger part of the contour pillow is designed to support the neck.

The pillow with a combination of visco-elastic foam and cooling gel technology is highly advised for cervical problem and breathing problems. For complete safety, the pillow must be hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial, and dust mint resistant.

Ways to Use Contour Memory Foam Pillow According to the Sleep Position:

Back Sleeper

The back sleeper should lay on the Contour Memory Foam Pillow so that the slimmer side of the contour pillow runs in alignment with your head. The larger side of the pillow must run beneath the hollow of the neck when lying down, with the curve of the neck resting in a neutral position on top of this hump.

Side Sleeper

Side Sleeper should keep the larger side of the pillow beneath the hollow of their neck. Make sure that the pillow is as near as possible to the top of the shoulder, effortlessly supporting the curve of the neck and provides total comfort and muscular rejuvenation while sleeping.

Stomach Sleeper

Contour Memory Foam Pillow isn’t essentially the most appropriate pillow option for stomach sleepers. Generally, stomach sleepers feel more relaxed by using a slimmer and softer pillow which prevents abnormal curvature of the neck and spine during the night while sleeping.

More Support Needed?

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