In India, most people are unaware of the fact that it is recommended that we replace our pillow every 1-2 years. So if your pillow starts to lose its shape and form or has started to smell or turn yellow, it is time to get a new pillow. But the question is, what will you do with the old pillows?

It is advisable to avoid throwing pillows in the trash because doing so puts them in landfills, which is very bad for the environment. You may recycle, donate, and find new uses for your old pillows, among other environmentally responsible options. In this blog, we will talk about what you can do with your old pillow.

Stuff Another Pillow

The easiest and most sustainable way to recycle your old pillow is to use its inner filling to stuff other pillows. If you have 2-3 old flat pillows, you can put their stuffing in and create a new pillow, or you can add them to your other pillows. This will make the pillow more fluffy and comfy. Also, you will not be held responsible for any environmental damage.

Make a Pet Bed

If you are a pet parent, you can use the old pillows to give some extra comfort to your pet. If your pet is small enough, the pillow can be used as a bed. To create a lovely little bed for your baby of joy, simply wrap it in a fresh cover. Your pet will love you for it.

Make Rags for Cleaning

Indian mothers have this talent for reusing old clothes into rags. You must have noticed that your old t-shirt is now a dusting cloth. You can do the same with your old pillows. When your old pillows are no longer good to be used, open them up and remove the filling. Now, cut the excess fabric into squares to be used as rags. The remaining stuffing can be stuffed into other pillows.

Add the Feathers to Compost

If you have pillows with feather filling and you are no longer using them, you do not need to send them to the landfill to dispose of them. Instead, take the feathers and place them in your compost. That will make them degrade more easily. Feathers are biodegradable, so they do not affect the environment.

Protect Your Stuff While Moving

If you are someone who changes places often and needs to move furniture from one place to another, these old pillows can be lifesaver for you. When moving from one location to another, cabinets and other furniture can get scratches and marks. If you cover them with pillows, they will be safe while traveling. This little hack can save you a lot of money.

Make Floor Cushion Seats

Most Indian families have a habit of sitting on the floor with their family for food or snacks, or for a little chit-chat session. You may easily transform your old pillow into floor cushion sheets. Cover your old pillows with colorful cloth to make floor cushion seats. Your evening coffee break with family or guests will now be more relaxing.

Throw Pillows

Before you place the pillows on your couch, re-fluff them and wrap them in new fabric. You'll be amazed to see how your living area changes into a bright space. This way you not only reuse your old pillow but also add a charm to your living room.

Repair a Stuffed Animal

If your favorite stuffed animal is lifeless or falling apart the same stuffing that gives your pillow its fluff could possibly bring it back to life. Even well-loved stuffed animals can be improved by adding extra stuffing. Open your old pillow and remove the filling. Carefully open a seam or create a hole in the old stuffed animal, gradually add stuffing until it appears full again, and then stitch it back together.

Knee Pad

The old pillow could be used as a knee pad when gardening or doing other tasks. It can provide comfort without costing you anything more.

Donate Used Pillows

When you decide to get rid of your old pillows, think about how much of a difference you can make in someone else's life by donating them. Many local shelters, homeless centers, and animal shelters are open to accepting gently used bedding, including pillows. Always wash and clean your pillows before donating them.


We all have our favorite pillows, and it can be difficult to say goodbye. However, for different reasons, we need to replace our pillows on time. Instead of throwing your pillow away, try repurposing it or donating it. The above list isn't the only possibility for someone who is wondering what to do with their old pillows. With a little imagination, patience, and environmental sensitivity, what was once your favorite pillow can become your next favorite you-name-it.

If you're thinking of replacing your old pillow with a new one, keep these suggestions in mind to dispose of the goods in an environmentally friendly and responsible way. You must be confused by the number of pillows available on the market and wonder which pillow is best for you. You could try purchasing a Sleepsia memory foam pillow. Memory foam provides a good level of support. It provides support for the head and neck while maintaining its shape. This makes it ideal for those who suffer from neck and back pain.